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This mod adds lots of new information to tooltips and visualizes many hidden mechanics which can be used to improve your gameplay and perfect your build. Also includes a DPS meter.

Works on dedicated servers for server admins.

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This mod adds lots of new information to tooltips and visualizes many hidden mechanics which can be used to improve your gameplay and perfect your build. Also includes a DPS meter.
Works on dedicated servers for server admins.
Some use cases:

  • Perfecting your builds with a better understanding of structure support, structure health, cover and smoke mechanics.
  • Spawn proofing your bases with the player base effect visualized.
  • Determining the best weapons for the job by using the DPS meter and checking the detailed weapon tooltips.
  • Finding the best ways to deal with tougher enemies by knowing their resistances and attacks.
  • Getting deeper insight of exact mechanics and interaction by looking at the detailed visualizations and tooltips.

Manual Installation

  1. Install the [BepInExPack Valheim](
  2. Download the latest zip
  3. Extract it in the \<GameDirectory\>\BepInEx\plugins\ folder.


  • Structure stability color for all structures.
  • Exact stability values (including the material type).
  • Health and damage resistances.
  • Cover system visualized (green line for uncovered, red line for covered).
  • Cover limit and current cover.
  • Wind limit on fireplaces and torches (extinguishes the fire unless properly covered).
  • Smoke visualized (black sphere):
    • Radius of the smoke.
    • Current and target velocity.
    • Mass.
    • Timer for destruction.
  • Smoke stats on structures that generate smoke.
  • Blocked by smoke timer on fireplaces.
  • Comfort range visualized (cyan sphere).
  • Comfort amount and category.
  • Player base range visualized (white sphere).
  • Ward protection range visualized (gray sphere).
  • Burning, fire and warmth range visualized (yellow, red and magenta spheres).
  • Fuel amount of fireplace, torches and smelters.
  • Progression of beehives, smelters, kilns and windmills.

Gathering / Exploration

  • Growth timer, health and damage resistances of plants.
  • Visual indicator for pickables (green line when respawning, blue line when one time, stones and branches are turned off by default):
    •   Respawn timer.
  • Visual indicator for hidden chests (white line).
    •   Possible chest items and their chances..
  • Visual indicator for pregenerated structures (black line).
  • Visual indicator for trees, minerals and other destructibles (gray line, turned off by default):
    • Current and max health.
    • Damage resistances.
    • Required tool tiers.
    • Noise created when hit.
    • Item drops with amounts and chances.
  • Stack size and despawn timer on dropped items.
  • Ship speed (both total and to forward direction), wind angle and wind strength on the HUD when sailing.


  • Tracker to count amount of creatures in nearby areas (by default tracks Serpents).
  • Visual indicator for tracked creatures to make detecting them easier (magenta line).
  • Hearing range, unless infinite (green sphere).
  • Vision range and angle (white cone).
  • Alert range (red cone).
  • Fire check range for creatures that avoid or are afraid of fires (magenta sphere).
  • Breeding limit range (cyan sphere) and partner check range for breedable creatures (magenta sphere).
  • Food search check range (gray sphere) and eating range for tameable creatures (white sphere).
  • Lots of stats on tooltips:
    • Status: is alerted, is in hunt mode, is staggering and current action.
    • Current and max health.
    • Accumulated stagger and stagger limit.
    • Mass and knockback resistance.
    • Damage resistances.
    • Item drops.
    • Attacks with damage, tool tier, range, hitbox and cooldown.
    • Food timer and health gain when eating.
    • Breeding progress.
    • Breeding limit.


  • Time of the day, weather, wind, coordinates, altitude and forest factor on the HUD.
  • Coordinates on most tooltips.
  • Zone corners are visualized with the color of the biome:
    • Biome, time of the day, weather, wind and average wind on zone corner tooltips.
    • Avalaible weathers including their chances, wind limits and other properties.
    • Timer for the next weather change.
  • Random event system at middle of zones (black line):
    • Timer for the next event check.
    • Available events including their conditions. Grey color shows failed conditions and events that are not currently possible.
    • If an event is going, shows event name, remaining time and event spawners.

Creature spawning

  • Zone based spawners at middle of zones (color of the line depends on the biome):
    • Name of the creature, spawn limit, max stars.
    • Required global keys (boss kills), biome, time of the day, weather and altitude.
    • Timer for the next spawn attemp.
    • Amount of creatures spawned.
  • Zone based event spawners at middle of zones (black line):
    • If no event going, shows available events.
  • Creature spawn points visualized (yellow for respawning, red for one time).
    • Respawn timer.
    • Max stars.
    • Is a patrol point (creatures tries to return if it gets too far).
    • Trigger range.
  • Physical spawners visualized:
    • Trigger range (red sphere).
    • Spawn range (cyan sphere).
    • Spawn limit range (white sphere).
    • Spawned creatures with the chances.
    • Max stars.
    • Spawn limit with current and max amount.


  • Player speed and noise on the HUD.
  • More stats for weapons:
    • Chop and pickaxe damages.
    • Tool tier.
    • Attack speed.
    • Stamina usage (max and with current weapon skill),
    • Attack type and hitbox.
    • Accuracy and projectile speed for bows.
    • Secondary attack stats (damage multiplier, knocback multiplier, staggering multiplier).
  • Settings to overwrite player skill values, player damage range and creature damage range.
  • DPS can be toggled on and off with P key (which can also be used to reset the timer).
  • The DPS meter tracks start and end of attacks which makes it more accurate than the default DPS tool (which only tracks hits).
  • The DPS meter automatically stops when you stop attacking.
  • Message box on the left hide shows following statistics:
    • Total time and amount of hits.
    • DPS, total damage and damage per used stamina (includes all stamina usage).
    • Also shows listed/base damage (what you see on weapon skills). This value ignores randomness and weapon skill (except for stamina usage).
    • Used stamina per second and total used stamina.
    • Caused staggering per second and total caused staggering.
    • Attack speed and hits per second.
    • Damage taken (per second and total).
    • Damage to structures, trees, stones and other destructibles are tracked separately.
  • Experiencem meter can be toggled on and off with L key (which can also be used to reset the meter).
  • Message box on the left hide shows following statistics:
    • Experience gain modifier.
    • Experience gained per skill (both total and per minute).


  • Allows setting a reference point at the current location.
  • When sets, shows distance from the reference point (coordinates, distance and horizontal distance).