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Adds a magic system to the game with 102 runes and a magic skill. The runes are built to provide utility that complements the base game and make use of little-used materials (looking at you, greydwarf eye) without being so useful in combat that they distract from proper Viking axes and swords.

Permissions and credits
This mod requires BepInExPack for Valheim, which you can get here:

How to Install
With BepInExPack installed, copy this mod's Runestones.dll file into the Valheim\BepInEx\plugins folder

How to Learn Runes
Seek out the lore runestones scattered across Valheim to learn the runes. There are 34 of them: 6 in the Meadows and 7 in each of the other biomes. Each unique piece of lore gives a different rune type and each rune type comes in 3 different variants based on crafting materials, for a total of 102 runes. When you read a new runestone, the recipe for the rune will be added to your known recipes regardless of what materials it requires and you can go to a workbench to see what is needed to craft it. Only the random lore runestones can teach you runes, creature-spawning runestones such as the boar runestone, greydwarf runestone, etc, do not.

How to Use Runes
In order to use runes, you will also need to craft a staff (just 4 wood). Equip your staff and the rune you want to use and you can use the attack button to cast your spell. Casting consumes a rune from your inventory; if you do not have a rune equipped, you will first automatically equip one of the stacks of runes in your inventory.

What is Spell Effectiveness?
Many runes have some of their numerical effects modified by your spell effectiveness. The effects that are modified are indicated in gold text on the rune's tooltip. Your spell effectiveness is your magic skill - your armor encumbrance + any modifying effects. If you have a magic skill of 25, 5% reduced speed from armor, and a +10 spell effectiveness boost from an active effect, your spell effectiveness would be 25 -5 +10 = 30. This spell effectiveness is applied to your runes as a percentage increase to the rune's effect (usually), so a rune that normally lasts 50 seconds would get a +30% duration boost to last 65 seconds.

This mod is provided as-is without any guarantee of functionality. It may contain bugs, which may in turn break save files. I recommend using this mod with a new world and character, or at least backing up your save files in advance. Use at your own risk.
Additionally, this mod is not especially polished - it's nice because it has a lot of runes and interactions. If you want a more polished mod with fewer magic effects, check out Skyheim

This mod has not been tested for compatibility with any other mod. Based on the code, it is likely compatible with most mods, but will break for some.

Multiplayer / Networking
This mod has not been tested in a multiplayer or networked environment. Based on the code, it is unlikely that all runes will function as intended.

Future Updates
The following are planned improvements to this mod at some point in the future, but there is no specific update schedule for them.
  • Multiplayer / PvP support
  • More rune-related equipment (such as armor that provides spell effectiveness buffs or weapons that can both perform regular attacks and cast spells)
  • FX upgrades