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A pack of 33 resource items that can be used for making new fancy drops and recipes.

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This is a resource pack that I made for Krumpac Dedicated server. WIth his agreement I am posting it here.

Materials where made to enrich his server and give more variety to what is droped by monsters and how items are made.

Inside you find 32 material items and 1 food

Items are :
- Apple   - ID Apple
- Blackmetal Nails - ID BlackmetalNails
- Blood seed - ID BloodSeed
- Cultist Insignia - ID CultInsignia
- Dragon Scale - ID DragonScale
- Ember Wood - ID EmberWood
- Fenring Leather - ID FenringLeather
- Fire Gland - ID FireGland
- Gold - ID Gold
- Gold nails - ID GoldNails
- Hellboar skin - ID HellBoarSkin
- Jotun Finger - JotunFinger
- Penningar - ID Penningar
- Quartz - ID Quartz
- Roting Head - ID RotingHead
- Ocean Pearl - ID SeaPearl
- Serpent Egg - ID SerpentEgg
- Serpent Fangs - ID SerpentFangs
- Silver Nails - ID SilverNails
- Spider Web - ID SpiderWeb
- Steel  - ID Steel
- Steel Nails - ID SteelNails
- Sulfur - ID Sulfur
- Surt Amulet - ID SurtAmulet
- Thunder Gland - ID ThunderGland
- Viking Talisman - ID VikingTalisman

As well as 7 runestones from my Unfinished  Runeforging mod that where adjusted to server needs. ID are :


Those are only material items they do not have any effects.

A preview of models in images. Icons included.
All items where tested with few basic mods  and are fully usable on moded servers.
In case of problems pack has a build in json recipe loader(in case of wrong load order and problem with them beeing recognized by your currently used mods for recipes). Example recipes are included. 
Example of added recipe:

 "customrecipes": [
"name": "Recipe_BlackMetalNails",
"item": "BlackmetalNails",
"amount": 1,
"craftingStation": "forge",
"minStationLevel": 5,
"enabled": true,
"repairStation": "",
"resources": [
  "item": "BlackMetal",
  "amount": 1,
  "amountPerLevel": 0,
  "recovery": true


Those models are not added to Drop tables of monsters they will need to be configured and added via DropThat or other mod

Drop the folder from the .Rar file inside your plugins folder.
Recipies.json needs to be in folder KrumpacResources otherwise wont be found!
The file need to exist for mod to work properly. In cas you dont need recipes set the value "enabled" to "false" on example ones or delete the code leaving  inside: 
 "customrecipes": []

To uninstall the mod simply delete the folder "KrumpacResources"