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Haldor started a microtransaction buissness. Trader sells now Lootboxes in Valheim. Anything can be in the box !

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One day i woke up and decided i want a lootbox in Valheim so i made it.
Our favortie and only Trader Haldor now offers you a "Haldor's Gamble"  for a fair price

Anything can be in the box !

A garbage ?
A cool item!
A new weapon!
A ... blob....?
A... swarm of bees?
A...........Yagluth!!!!! RUN !

UPDATE 1.0.1
New variable in config:
- amount - Set how many random items will be in lootbox 


.Rar file contains  folder that should be placed in your plugins folder .
Inside folder there is the dll file and .json config file
For Config to work it need to be inside "plugins/TraderGamble" under the name gamble.json

ItemID : haldorsGamble

Current options:

- lootBoxPrice -  Set lootbox price
- coolDown - Set lootbox cooldown ( for example you can make so players can open a lootbox only once per 24hours)
- disableBees - Disable/Enable  bees  (if this is active Bees will have same chance to spawn as total amount of items )
- disableMonster - Disable/Enable  monster spawn 
- disableAoe - Disable/Enable  self damaging actions
- useBuildInExcluded - Disable/Enable  build in item restriction ( items that will not spawn in lootbox by inside config)
- useBuildInList - Disable/Enable  build in item list ( items that will spawn in lootbox by inside config)
- addItems - Add your own restricted list ( string array  of PREFAB NAMES(ITEM ID)  example config below) 
- removeItems Add your own spawn list   ( string array   PREFAB NAMES(ITEM ID) example config below) 
- amount - Set how many random items will be in lootbox 

    "disableAoe": false,
"amount": 5

Mod was tested spawning  monster , items, aoe effects. 
I strongly advice not to put on list objects that you wont be able to remove or that may break the game.
Mod was tested with few other mods that added custom materials,consumables,weapons and other items.
The full compatibility is unknown.

To uninstall/disable the mod simply delete the mod file from plugins/TraderGamble


If you are using  BETTER TRADER or any other mod that swaps Trader's item list you will need to add the item  to the list yourself inside your mod config !!
Other setting still apply via config in TraderGamble