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This configuration file pack brings together a bunch of most popular mods to provide a satisfying gameplay loop and significantly extend the vanilla play time.

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Hello! This is my personally put-together and configured list to extend Valheim's vanilla gameplay to new and exciting lengths. Below you will find information on how I aim to change the gameplay experience:

Those who are reading this page for the first time, please skip to the next section.

Those who have viewed/downloaded this mod before - the v1.0 release of the mod was missing a config file which was supposed to make sure the loot rules stayed consistent across multiple mods. This has been fixed and I've made some other adjustments too:

CHANGELOG FROM v.1.0 to v2.0:

  • Updated sources to their latest versions, so stuff like Epic Loot's legendaries are fully functional.
  • New gameplay loop element - boss farming. Bosses, among their vanilla loot table, now also drop legendary quality items, which also have a chance to be rolled into a unique or set legendary. Each boss drops biome and metal age appropriate gear, with the final boss having a chance to drop tier six armor pieces. Repeated trophies and utility items can be sold to the Trader.
  • Swapped Chaos Warrior Armor mod from Recommended to Required, as drops are now written around it.
  • Bosses now spawn with up to two stars. Health between stars unchanged, damage, loot chance and quality increased.
  • Gambling via Adventure tab rewritten. Only the items that can be rolled into unique legendaries are present. Successful roll chance depends on resources spent purchasing.
All these changes increase action diversity to acquire the best endgame gear, which is currently capped at unique and set rolled legendary weapons plus tier six armor.



DISCLAIMER - This is not a mod pack!
I have great respect to each individual mod creator whose product I have used in my gameplay. Instead of throwing a bunch of mods into one bundle, I will provide the links to each individual mod's page where you can download (and later update as needed) it yourself.

Let's begin! Summary of changes made via these mods and their configs (compared to vanilla experience):

  • Difficulty is ramped up. Creatures can spawn with up to five stars, and the more world bosses you've defeated, the higher the chance of extra stars.
  • Player is expected to min-max his gear choices, primarily via Crafts and Enchantments.
  • Loot frequency for every creature re-written from scratch. Every item drops less frequently, is more valuable. No more massive stacks of everything.
  • Recycling the gear/materials you've outgrown is possible. Repurpose Bronze further!
  • Most of the items can be purchased as raw materials (Wood/Stone/Ore/Meat/etc.), and sold either as the same item, or a refined version (buy Ore, sell Metal, etc.).
  • Pricing of every item is fine-tuned to correspond to different conditions. The scarcity, convenience, and approachability all play a role in determining a particular item's pricing.

Because of the above conditions, player has much more freedom on how to approach and craft his own adventure:
  1. Player A might venture out to the wild, kill every creature he sees, then trade the loot accumulated to purchase materials to improve his gear, just so he can tackle even harder enemies on the next run.
  2. Player B might only gear up in bare necessities, venture out to collect resources, kill only the creeps that approach him, then at the end of the day use the materials collected to improve his base.
  3. Player C can opt in for a sort of pacifist gameplay, only venturing out to collect growable materials. He then can rely purely on his own farming industry to trade for other goods and advance his base without endangering the ecosystem around him, only slaying the mythical bosses for glory.


Now onto the individual mods, their original purpose, and my adjustments:


Default behavior: Introduces enchantment and additional item stats systems as seen in most MMOs/RPGs. Every creature and wild chest has a chance to drop a random rarity item with random enchantments.

Adjusted behavior: Creatures no longer have a chance to drop weapons/armor. Instead, they drop enchanting materials, with higher level/star creatures having a greater chance and rarity of the drops. Bosses and chests still have the previous loot rules. Materials for legendary enchantments can only be crafted via upgrading from lower tier or exchanging adventure tokens from the Trader.

Reasoning: With the original setup, and coupled with the recycling feature, player would soon be overwhelmed by the abundance of items. With the new system, each drop is valuable and finally collecting enough materials to craft your own enchantments feels more rewarding. Enchanting an item costs less materials, but upgrading or swapping materials in different qualities will be part of where you spend your gold.


Default behavior: Framework for adjusting the spawns rules, difficulty, and drops. Each star deals 100% increased damage and has 50% higher health pool.

Adjusted behavior: Each level 0 creature starts with 200% health, and each star only adds 50% of health increase. Each star increases damage dealt by 33%. Each star improves drop chance by 20%.

Reasoning: Coupled with the existence of enchantments, the zero star creatures die too fast. The adjustments aim to make battling lower start enemies to still require effort, and reduce the "damage sponge turret" feeling of higher star creatures.


Default behavior: Makes everything purchasable and sellable.

Adjusted behavior: Adjusted pricing of every single item. The more common the item is, the less it costs to purchase and to sell. The harder or more inconvenient the item is to acquire in the wild, the more it costs from the Trader.

Reasoning: While you can buy and sell mostly everything, you will definitely not be rich after a few days. After a long run in the wild, you might've accumulated enough gold and sellable items to spend either on base upgrade materials, gear craft materials, or gear upgrade materials. Choose on what you feel you need the most at a given time. While acquiring materials in the wild is still the best choice, you can always spend extra gold as a convenience cost to finish a build/craft piece with with the Trader purchase.


Description: Adds one more armor tier after the vanilla endgame armor. Pieces to build it have a very small chance to drop from the endgame creeps.

Description: Allows the player to break down crafted items to return 50% of resource cost. By recycling old and unused items, you can still sell the raw materials to the Trader and pick up more relevant pieces. Nothing is ever outdated.

These six mods comprise the majority of the gameplay loop system: Earn money through various activities, trade earned money for other goods, improve your gear/base, rinse repeat. None of the gameplay aspects are forced, you always have many options to approach a particular goal. Need 100 wood to finish a new building? Instead of chopping down trees, hop over to the Trader, sell your own grown carrots, pick up the wood. Got extra gold to spend after a particularly good dungeon? Invest in Queen Bee purchase, it'll make you money in the long run. Etc etc.


This second list of mods will add minor gameplay improvements, and are designed to compliment the gameplay loop:

Description: Necessary to automate the agricultural processes if the player intends to grow to sell.


The rest of the mods are quality of life fixes, but are not necessary for the gameplay loop to work:

Description: Improves the vanilla bow play.

Description: Improves the vanilla boat exploration radius. The mod itself is gone, so either googling for older versions or finding an alternative would work.

Description: Removes the visual part of build pieces degradation. Your base will always look crispy clean. The mod itself is gone, so either googling for older versions or finding an alternative would work.

Description: Allows every tamable creature to be ordered to follow you (like wolves), additionally allows them to pull carts.

Description: When building, detaches the camera for more freedom when placing pieces.

Description: Adds dedicated slots for armor and utility slots, and three additional hotkey-able slots.

Description: Improves the vanilla stack cap. Inventory is cleaner when buying/selling in bulk.

Description: Adds craftable runes to use as weapons during gameplay, with various effects and utilities.


And the final group of mods are my personal recommendations, but it's more of a taste thing and are not necessary. The list is quite extensive, and listing everything would get messy real fast. So I'll simply drop a picture of my mod folder - most of the mods are self explanatory just from name, so if anything catches your eye, you'd only need to search the Nexus by the name: mod folder

Every single mod I've mentioned so far is compatible with each other, and you should have no trouble installing this in an already existing world. However, starting the new world is always recommended not only for the potential compatibility issues, but also to fully enjoy the new and fresh experience.
The user himself is responsible for the download of any listed mod here, and that includes all of the dependencies. However, the process is easy to follow and shouldn't be time consuming.



After installing the mods you want, simply run the game once, close it, then replace either Valheim\BepInEx\config, or Valheim\BepInEx\plugins\ModName files with the ones from the archive. If no config file is included, then the mod works best with default configs.


That's it! If I encounter any errors or other mismatches, I will update the post, so please let me know of any inaccuracies you see. Other than that, enjoy your new experience and good luck!