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A work in progress mesh and texture overhaul for Valheim.

Currently there are around 380 textures replaced and 14 improved higher detailed meshes.

Work so far has concentrated heavily on improving existing biomes, building pieces, and crafting stations. Crypts, Burial Chambers and Caves have also been completely re-worked.

Permissions and credits
This mod has evolved from my previous work on Badgers 2k re-texture. After starting to change game meshes this is becoming more of an overahul than just texture replacements. This is why this new mod now exists.

This mod changes the mesh structure for some trees in the game. If you have built any structures in trees I strongly recommend backing up your world before trying this mod. This has been tested with some tree structures without problems but I cannot gaurantee that yours will not be affected by the changes.

Some textures on changed meshes may not apply properly if used from another Custom Texture pack. Tree bark textures are a good example of this, if you are using any textures from other packs that replace tree bark you may encounter issues with them. This is unavoidable due to the improved texture scaling and mesh improvements.

So what exactly does this mod currently replace?

  • Oak & Beech tree
  • Bush02 Clutter
  • All wood logs
  • All wood roof building pieces

  • All terrain textures for existing biomes (no seams)
  • Water
  • Meadows Grass
  • Plains Grass
  • Black Forest Ground Cover
  • Rocks
  • All crafting stations and upgrade pieces
  • All wood building pieces
  • All stone building pieces
  • All trees
  • Most Bushes
  • Burial Chambers, Troll caves, Crypts
  • Some creatures (Draugr, Sea Serpent, Moder)
  • Some armor (Rags, Leather, Iron)
  • Some capes (Leather, Lox)
  • All Banners
  • Some trophies
  • All early weapons and tools (axes, pickaxe, hoe etc.)
  • Many more items such as blood splatter, rope, pickable objects etc.

How to Install
Browse to your Valheim Data directory, you can do this by right clicking on Valheim in Steam, go to manage -> browse local files. This will open a window showing the contents of your game directory. Double click the Valheim Data folder to open it. Copy the extracted files from the downloaded archive into the Valheim Data folder and overwrite any files if prompted.

How to Uninstall
Right click on Valheim in Steam then go to properties -> local files -> verify integrity of game files. This will download the vanilla
files and replace the files from my mod.

If you experience any problems or questions, please feel free to post them in the post tab.

A huge, huge thank you to the following people over on my Discord who's help with testing and feedback has been instrumental in getting this mod to where it is now - NorgerLegacy, Agrivar, Blacksu, Jettlife21, Panoc, Fyndolyn, Asheira - you guys are an amazing help, THANK YOU.

Amazing Lox cape image was provided by Karol Michalec, you can find more of their work here -> artofkarolmichalec If this is something that interests you I strongly urge you to visit their page and show your support.

All other textures either created by me or downloaded from CC0 textures, Fuzzimo, Freeimages,.
Tree meshes created with Treeit software, all other meshes created by me, or have been modified from vanilla assets..