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Barely touched seed world with base on it. This version includes an update to the wardens quarters and armory.

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This is a new world save ( "Webbman" world) for those who have already played but don't want to start a new seed/rebuild a base etc for upcoming content for whatever reason. It uses seed 1234567 ( newest version.150.3, you can view it here: Valheim seed map generator), and has a huge fuling prison base which you can get to by building a portal and labelling  "2","3" to "40". Pics attached if you want to go on foot. This is a brand new world and almost nothing has been harvested from it. No bosses have been killed and base is stocked.  Bonemass, Moder and Yagluth and the trader are all in very close proximity. The base was built right in the middle of them all and is around 11k instances.  

If your a first time player don't use this. Do it yourself. This is really for players who have done it all and didn't want to start a new seed for upcoming content. I would download it and wait for the new patch for another playthrough from the beginning ( assuming its compatible) and use the base when you get around to it. 

The base has many features including an underground ship dock, pub, 4 apartments, main penthouse, 40 portals ready, fully stocked, dinner theatre and prison , onsite plains and meadows farm, corpse run armory, a new secret area, and an open concept design that you can drag a cart everywhere you need to. Has a road that goes to the end of the small starter island and a small bridge base going over the river. Your on your own from there. Lenny and carl are our only prisoners at the moment but you can change that!

unzip the file and place the contents in your Valheim "worlds" folder you should be able to find here:  C:\Users\yourusername\AppData\LocalLow\IronGate\Valheim

You should keep a backup copy of your existing worlds before you insert this one. No reason, just good practice. 

The world name is "Webbman" and should show up when you start the game. 

All items were harvested by me ( on a different world) and built with a xbox controller with regular play. Map pic with bosses and trader location is also from the awesome Valheim World generator (

hopefully you'll enjoy it as much as I enjoyed making it.

Edit: added my original world "Rungar" World for those who like a more well developed world.