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Odin Architect is a mod that will allow you to build more, with more structures and on a larger scale. You will find here not only larger counterparts of basic buildings, but also completely new ones. Currently the elements or structures. Your village will gain an unique look, better access and tough walls.

Permissions and credits
  • Russian
  • Mandarin
  • German
Odin Architect
is just simply mod for more structures. If you're building lover this is definitely mod for you. You will not find plug & play whole castles but single elements which will give you great possibility to make your simple house, village or castle more fancy.

In case of anything: You're using this mod on your responsibility, make sure you did backup of your character/world.

There's about 90+ new elements to build-in and the list of them can be found below.


Odin Architect now got own hammer with own building menu, to craft this hammer you will need Wood and Stone.
Recipe will be automatically shown when you will achieve the core materials to craft the hammer.

For Odin's Hammer you will need the Workbench.


  1. Big Wooden Gate
  2. Small Iron Gate (without central pole)
  3. Big Iron Gate (without central pole)
  4. Big Wooden Drawbridge (floating Surtling Lanterns)
  5. Wooden Gate with Crystal Window
  6. Wooden Gate with DarkWood Decor
  7. Wooden Gate with Iron Decor
  8. DarkWood Doors - Crystal alternative
  9. DarkWood Doors - Iron alternative
  10. Hidden hatch - unfinished
  11. [New] [0.1.1] Elevator
  12. [New] [0.1.1] Transport Elevator


  1. Small Wooden Window
  2. Big Wooden Window
  3. Simple Wooden Fence
  4. Simple Wooden Fence Gate
  5. Fortified Wooden Fence
  6. Fortified Wooden Fence Gate
  7. Short Thin Wooden Beam
  8. Long Thin Wooden Beam
  9. Short Thin Wooden Pole
  10. Long Thin Wooden Pole
  11. Wooden Entry Arch
  12. Refined StakeWall
  13. Refined Sharpstakes
  14. Short Stone Beam
  15. Long Stone Beam
  16. Short Stone Pole
  17. Long Stone Pole
  18. Small Stone Window
  19. Big Stone Window
  20. Small Stone Arch
  21. Big Stone Arch
  22. Big Stone Pillar
  23. Alternative Stone Wall 1x1
  24. Alternative Stone Wall 2x1
  25. Alternative Stone Wall 4x2
  26. Alternative Stone Arch
  27. Alternative Stone Pillar
  28. Alternative Stone Stairs
  29. Iron Beams
  30. Iron Poles
  31. Short Thin Iron Beam
  32. Long Thin Iron Beam
  33. Short Thin Iron Pole
  34. Long Thin Iron Pole
  35. Thin Iron beam 25
  36. Thin Iron beam 45
  37. Thin Wooden beam 25
  38. Thin Wooden beam 45
  39. Alternative Stone Floor
  40. New woodwalls
  41. Added alternative vanilla woodwall - horizontal planks
  42. Added alternative vanilla woodwall half - horizontal planks
  43. Added vanilla woodwall half - vertical planks
  44. Added roung log woodwall - horizontal logs
  45. Added roung log woodwall half - horizontal logs
  46. Added roung log woodwall - vertical logs
  47. Added roung log woodwall half - vertical logs
  48. Added swamp wood woodwall
  49. Added swamp wood woodwall half
  50. Crystal Beams
  51. Crystal Poles
  52. Short Thin Crystal Beam
  53. Long Thin Crystal Beam
  54. Short Thin Crystal Pole
  55. Long Thin Crystal Pole
  56. Thin Crystal Beam 25
  57. Thin Crystal beam 45
  58. Thin Crystal Wall
  59. Crystal Floor Slab
  60. [New] [0.1.3] Alternative Iron Decoration (DarkWood Alt.)
  61. [New] [0.1.3] Alternative DarkWood Decoration - fence (on the side)
  62. [New] [0.1.3] Alternative Iron Decoration - fence (on the side)
  63. [New] [0.1.3] Alternative DarkWood Arch (upside-down)


  1. Big Iron Dragon Head decor.
  2. Stone and Iron Bull Head Throne (with burning eyes)
  3. Simple Stone Table
  4. Iron Raven decor alternative
  5. Iron Wolf decor alternative

Crafting and smelting:

  1. Advanced cooking station (Smelter for cooking raw meat, fish etc.)
  2. Bird's House (Feathers generator) - use Fishing Bait to fill
  3. Fish Trap (Raw Fish generator) - use Fishing Bait to fill
  4. [New] [0.1.3] Primitive Compost (Fishing Bait generator) - use Neck Tails and Raw Meat to fil


  1. Iron Surtling Torch
  2. Wooden Surtling Lantern *L
  3. Wooden Surtling Lantern *T
  4. Wall Mounted Surtling Lantern *L
  5. [New] [0.1.3] Small Surtling Lantern (Standing)


Place the files to your BepInEx/plugins/ folder.

    proper path for OdinArchitect is /Valheim/BepInEx/plugins/OdinArchitect/OdinArchitect.dllproper path for translation files is /Valheim/BepInEx/plugins/OdinArchitect/Assets/Translations/English/translations.json
yes, you can edit this file for your own language.

folder OdinArchitect should be placed into /BepInEx/plugins/

for this moment this mod isn't generating any configurables.


This mod isn't standalone, to make it work properly you will need some other mods called dependencies so make sure that everything is installed as it should. To make it work properly you need 2 hard depencencies and the list is below.

  1. BepInEx Valheim
  2. Jotunn the Valheim Lib (not JotunnLib) called JVL
  3. Take a not that JVL (above Lib) also got dependence


I don't mind much what you will do with this mod. You can redistribute it, you can edit it, you can place it in your modpacks without asking me. I am doing it in free time, for free using free software and legal copy of the game which i am not owner so atleast the last sentence should explain much why this should be shared and continued if someone is interested.

However, just don't recompile this mod and call it Yours. Also i didn't uploaded any mod source because it's mess for this moment and i think it will be shame to give it to anyone, so more informations about it soonTM but if someone is impatient just use some nice software to reproduce it.


  • Zarboz
  • Gravebeard
  • Jules
  • Rolo
  • Hugo The Dwarf
  • Mixone
  • buzz
  • whole JVL Team

for all of you helping me even a bit!


  • me aka - Raelaziel#0954


  • Buy me a coffee if You like my mod -