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Improves the swimming mechanics of Valheim by making them more scalable and less punishing.

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Improved Swimming Features:
  • Swim faster by holding left shift (by default) - Uses more stamina overall.
  • Swim Speed scales with Swimming level.
  • Tweaked stamina drain modifiers to be less punishing at lower levels.
  • Stamina will regen (slowly) when idle in the water - no more being stranded and unable to move.
  • Features above also scale with Swimming level.
  • Option to disable all features except idle stamina regen.
  • All values are configurable.

  1. Install BepInEx.
  2. Place ImprovedSwimming.dll into the BepInEx\plugins folder.

To configure this mod, navigate to BepInEx/config and change the values inside projjm.improvedswimming.cfg.
This is the first mod I've created, there aren't any compatibility isses or bugs as of yet, but please let me know if you encounter either.