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36x41 building, a lot of space and no crafting stations. From the bleach-washed builder to the world.

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I love Sumerians, and I love vikings. I tried replicating the Ziggurat from Uruk, and though I had to change a lot of things due to heigh limit and some pieces not being able to be recreated in Valheim, I think the end result is decent enough to be called a Viking Ziggurat. I didn't place any decorations, and since the ground floor is all covered in stone, you can easily place fireplaces there. There are 2 hearts at the top, so you can also take that space for living rooms.

Any comments are welcome!

This monster is a 36x41 beast, so clear a lot of land beforehand.

Main part of the structure is 21x30, and the staircase is 3 m below the main structure, so you need to have a small depression for the stairs.

I use Floors are Roofs and No Rain Damage mods to preserve the look and to allow more building flexibility.