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Mods configuration to create a unique, more realistic and defiant playing experience. A real challenge only for those worthy of Valhalla.

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Valheim Ragnarök is a configuration of different mods which not only offers a higher difficulty for those players looking for an additional challenge in their gameplays but also a unique and realistic gaming experience. 

The idea behind this setup is based on four concepts that have been balanced to find the right synergy between them: More dangerous and challenging enemies, limited resources, rewards based on exploration and challenge, and the need to repair damaged equipment.


Creature Level and Loot Control

  • The maximum level of the enemies present in the game has been scaled up to five.

  • Each type of enemy present in the game has been modified, adapting their level scaling, effects and infusions to the expected behavior and biome of these enemies.

Epic Loot

  • The magic item creation system of this mod has been modified and adjusted to the needs and requirements of this style of game, creating a more organic experience.

(Although it is possible to find low-powered arcane equipment and weaponry as a reward, the system has been designed to allow the player to invest his own time in creating the most powerful relics, encouraging the use of recipes and items and creating new and interesting challenges). 

  • The chests present in each biome offer a minimal chance of finding mundane equipment, or with a lot of luck, arcane relics of little power, making the exploration of crypts, caves and camps in different remote biomes meaningful.

  • Multiple new recipes have been created for items present in the game and lacking them or to allow for a parallel, and possibly more difficult, progression than the boss defeats present in the original experience.

(For example, there are recipes for the construction of Iron Chains or even Surtling Cores, as well as for unique boss items (like Dragon Tears), but these require a combination of resources, which in most cases is more difficult to achieve than defeating the bosses themselves.)

Due to the imbalance that the original Adventures in this mod caused to this gameplay setup, these have been removed in favor of using Better Trader mod.

Drop That

  • All enemy rewards have been adapted to the game experience, considerably reducing their quantity and encouraging the defeat of higher level enemies to secure that reward.

(For example, draugrs no longer provide entrails but have a low chance of being obtained as a reward after taking down high level boars, deer, wolves or lox).

  • Enemies have a small chance to be rewarded with equipment and weaponry (only that which they are carrying at the time of their death) after their defeat. In the case of especially powerful enemies, this equipment can be arcane.

(A skeleton archer infused with poison has a chance to reward the player with a bow, bronze arrows or even poison arrows. A draugr armed with an axe and a shield can reward the player with an iron axe or a wooden shield, or even an arcane version of these in case of high level).

  • All equipment and weaponry received as a reward for a defeated enemy or chest starts out partially damaged and may require repair.

  • Tamed animals have reduced rewards to further compensate their hunting in the wild.

Better Trader

  • The merchant's catalog of items for sale and purchase has been expanded, and their price has been adjusted and balanced to the desired game experience.

Repair Requires Materials

  • Repairing equipment and weaponry has a high cost in materials which implies a greater planning of the confrontations. Arcane equipment and weaponry also have a cost associated with these arcane materials.

Simple Recycling

  • It is possible to recycle equipment, weaponry and certain objects at the workstations where they were created to recover a small amount of their materials.

- Install the following required mods first (The reference version of this is located next to the mod):

Creature Level and Loot Control (Version 3.9.6)
Epic Loot (Version 0.7.7)
Drop That (Version 1.8.1)
Better Trader (Version 1.6.0)
Repair Requires Materials (Version 0.2.0)
Simple Recycling (Version 0.0.13)

- Download the last version of this mod and extract the zip file.

- Copy and replace the contents in your BepInEx/config/ folder and BepInEx/plugins/ folder.

If there is interest in this mod configuration my desire is to expand Valheim Ragnarök with a unique and fully customizable enemy palette, small challenges in the form of tangential bosses and new recipes with which I hope to further deepen this gameplay experience.

Given the demand, I have created a temporary loottables file for Epic Loot with the Terraheim - Weapons Tools and Armor items adapted to the game style of Valheim Ragnarök.  This is just a temporary fix until I can fully adjust this mod to the desired gaming experience. You can find this file in the File section.

I have included an additional download in case you want to enjoy the enemies created in Monsternomicon with the Valheim Ragnarök experience. Just add/replace the original files. I have also included my own setup of the Ashlands using the mod Forgotten Biomes in this download, in case you want to include it too.

I want to thank tykea, randyknapp, ASharpPen123, Menthus15, aedenthorn and abearcodes, creators of the mods used in this configuration, for their excellent work, without which it would have been impossible to create the Valheim Ragnarök game experience.

I also want to thank the patience of my partner and my brother who have helped me to test this configuration for many hours, as well as all those players who have anonymously helped me with their hours of play and their valuable feedback.