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Introduces 25 new NPC's and 6 Monsters: Meadows (3), Black Forest (3), Swamp (3), Mountiains (3), Plains (3), Mistlands (6), Deep North (7) & Ash Lands (4).
Introduces 16 NPC Mini Bosses.
Introduces a traditional MMO\ARPG Styled Loot system.

Permissions and credits
Allows upto 10 Star Mobs and Bosses to spawn depending on world level.
5 Star and over start spawning at world level 1. (Adjust as you see fit)
Populates Mistlands with four different NPCs.
Poulates Deep North with Gray Wolf's (NPC), Dire Wolves, Ice Drakes, Ice Trolls and Greater Fenrings.
Populates Ashlands with Greater Surtling and Flame Drakes.
Each Biome (Ashlands not included yet) has one unique hostile NPC.
Each Biome has 2 NPC Mini Bosses, one in the day and one in the night.
Terraheim armour and weapons added to Epic Loots Random Loottables.
Forsaken Weapons and Off Hands have been added to a Epic Loot Loottable and is currently unused (Plans to add them to Bosses and Mini Bosses), holding off in the hopes of been able to configure this mod a bit.

Requires the following mods to work as intended:-

Drop That,
Epic Loot,
Creature Level and Loot Control,

Recommened a new Character and World although it is not required. Use on a existing world at your own risk. :)

Uses Spawn Indexes 1001-1050 (35 used & 15 in reserve)

Manual Installation:
Install the BepInEx Valheim and Required Mods first. This is a Must and can not be skipped.
It will not hurt your game if you do not do this however you will so no changes.

Download the latest zip
Extract it in the \<GameDirectory\>\Bepinex\ folder.
      Overwrite when ask.
Launch the Game, try not to die.