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This mod adds a ton of build objects. Windows, doors, gates, a drawbridge and various other pieces.

Permissions and credits
This is a basic mod that adds more gates and gate like objects!

Most of this stuff should look pretty much vanilla next to other game objects currently in the game. Some gates include custom sounds and all
the snap functions should work as intended. Please report any issues you
might find and any other types of gates/doors you might like me to add
in the future. Thanks for looking at my mod!

Donation link: Patreon

Special thanks to SnekPlizken for help reworking the script!!

This includes:

hp: 1500
mats: 60 wood, 10 iron, 4 chain

Double Drawbridge
hp: 1500
mats: 55 wood, 8 bronze, 4 chain

hp: 2500
mats: 4 chain, 8 stone, 20 iron

Wood Portcullis
hp: 900
mats: 4 chain, 75 wood, 8 bronze

large castle door(s)
hp: 1000
mats: 20 wood, 6 corewood, 1 bronze

2 wood trap doors
2 wood/iron trap doors
26 degree short/long log poles
45 degree short/long log poles
and various other door/gate styles
new vertical spike trap

Make sure you have Bepinex installed, you will also need Jotunn.dll in the plugins folder.
extract the Moregates.dll from the zip and put it in your plugins folder.

Public Mod Discord:

Requires Jotunn.dll to be added to your plugins folder!!!!!!


1. I do not authorize this mod to be monetized, if you would like to monetize it please contact me before hand.
2. I have not tested this mod with other mods therefore I can not offer any mod conflict fixes quickly as you might like. Please leave a report if you can.