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This mod ads a new skill called Carry Weight which increases the players max carry capacity as it levels up.

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This mod adds a fully configurable skill called Carry Weight. By default, the player gains 3lbs of carry weight per level in this skill.
At max level (100) the player has double the inventory space as the base game. 
Level up this skill by Running or Swimming while carrying more than 80% of your max capacity. Due to the % max capacity restriction,
this skill levels up faster than both running and swimming.

Configuration options
  • CarryWeightGainedPerLevel - Default 3 - Modifies how many extra lbs you can carry per level in this skill.
  • CarryWeightSkillThreshold - Default 0.8 - Modifies the percent of your max capacity the player
    needs to be carrying in order to gain xp.
  • RunningMultiplier - Default 0.4 - Modifies how fast you gain xp while running. For
    reference, the running skill has a multiplier of 0.2. Meaning carry weight levels up twice as fast as the running skill
  • SwimmingMultiplier - Default 0.9 - Modifies how fast you gain xp while swimming. For
    reference, the swimming skill has a multiplier of 0.3. Meaning carry weight levels up 3x as fast as the swimming skill

  • Install using the Vortex link and the manager should handle everything.
  • Extract the .zip contents into {Valheim install location}/Bepinex/plugins