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Adds multiple tiers of friendly NPCs the RRR Non-Player Characters mod. The NPCs can be interacted with the same way as a tamed wolf and will follow the player. Ideal for base defense, especially if you're using RRR Better Raids.

Permissions and credits
This is a collection of config files for use with the mods: RRR NPCs and Spawn That. It adds 2 tiers of friendly NPCs to each biome. One that spawns before the boss for that biome has been defeated and one that spawns after. As bosses are defeated, higher tiers of NPCs will appear and lower tiers will stop spawning. NPCs have randomized appearances and weapons within a range themed to each biome. NPCs will follow players in the same way as tamed wolves.

Care has been taken to not trivialize portions of the game, so the NPCs are not particularly powerful individually and will likely die if you don't protect them. If you get a number of them together in your base though they can be a significant help with raids. In fact everything was designed around using RRR Better Raids for higher raid difficulty as well as Creature Level and Loot Control to make mobs harder.

This is still in testing though and feedback on balancing health and damage levels is greatly appreciated and will likely be ongoing.

update 2.0.5
This update adds a .yml file for the mod Creature Level and Loot Control. Since the author of the mod very kindly allowed individual yaml files it is now possible to create a file that doesn't conflict with a user's other settings. This allows me to enable a few CLLC settings for friendlies.
- NPCs will not go above 2 stars in a biome before a boss is killed, and will not go above 3 stars after the boss in that biome has been killed
- NPCs only increase in size by 50% per star so you shouldn't be getting abnormally large NPCs anymore, but higher level ones will still have a stature appropriate to their elevated abilities.
- Certain NPCs from certain biomes will either have certain abilities by default or be very likely to have them. E.g. Mountain Nomads will almost always have the front infusion ability. Swamp survivors will very likely have poison infusions. NPCs in heavy armor like Undead Slayers in the swamps are likely to have the 'armored' buff.

Play around and see how you like it. If you have any recommendations I'm keen to hear them.

update 2.0.4
As of this update, NPCs can consume food based on their biome to heal. Eating will restore about 2/3 of their total hp. They will only eat when hungry. So if they are damaged but have recently eaten they won't eat again.

This is a list of what food each NPC type will eat. Feel free to offer feedback.
  • "Starving Drifter", "Starving Outcast", "Wandering Protector": Cooked Meat, Grilled Neck Tail
  • "Darkwood Stalker", "Troll Hunter": Carrot Soup, Queens Jam
  • "Swamp Survivor", "Undead Slayer":  Sausages, Cooked Fish, Turnip Stew
  • "Mountain Nomad", "Wolf Warrior": Cooked Fish, Turnip Stew (yeah... mountains don't introduce new foods)
  • "Plainswalker", "Goblin Slayer": Lox Pie, FishWraps, Bread

update: 2.0.3

This update built on a slew of improvements to the RRR Mods and Spawn That. They've allowed increased variety both in the appearances of different NPCs as well as some rudimentary AI tweaks. Some NPCs will now flee depending on how much damage they've taken. Different ones are braver than others and will stick around longer or even fight to the death.

There are now female NPCs as well, even though there are no sound effects for them. NPCs will spawn randomly as either male or female.

There is a larger variety of weapons that they will spawn with and a lot more weapons and armor are randomized, creating more diverse NPCs to find. They also do damage based on the weapon they're wielding. So an NPC holding an Atgeir is going to do more damage than one with a knife.

There are also different skin and hair tones. Each biome has a range with a predominant color. E.g. People living in the swamp will have a noticably green tinge to their hair and skin (oh... They're also immune to poison...). (edit: Might be a little TOO green. Probably need to tone that down)

Speaking of immunities. Certain NPCs are immune to certain effects depending on what biome they're from. Most notably Mountain Nomads are immune to Frost damage and Swamp dwellers are immune to poison.

They're also faster as people were complaining that they couldn't keep up in the past.

Upcoming Changes:

As always, as more tools become available I will attempt to make use of them to add more features, balance and engagement. All of this is dependent on the mods that support this configpack.

A quick note on donations:
I haven't enabled donations on here and won't be doing it. If you enjoy this config pack and would like to show appreciation, I would very much encourage you to drop a few bucks on the mod authors who made this possible; Neurodr0me and A Sharp Pen. Stop by their mod pages on Nexus and throw any cash you were thinking of donating to me, their way.

Required Mods

Recommended Mods

Just install with Vortex or download and drop everything in your BepInEx configs folder and keep 'friendlies' in its subfolder under configs.

Special Thanks
  • Neurodr0me for making and supporting RRR NPCs, without which this mod wouldn't be possible
  • A Sharp Pen for Spawn That, also wouldn't be possible without it.
  • Son of Musk for putting in a ton of time and effort to get the hair and skin colors of the NPCs looking way better than I could have
  • RockerKitten for relentlessly debugging the NPC size issue.