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Changes how wind and sailing works. Now, the wind is stronger depending on the weather, and the stronger the wind the more difficult it is to sail.

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This mods changes the way on which wind works and also tweaks the rudder max rotation depending on the intensity of the wind. The wind is now measured in knots and works similar as in real life with gusts of wind and at a constant variance. How much you can turn your rudder will depend on how strong is the wind. This mod also includes a small hud (which scale u can modify in the config file) attached to the bottom right of the screen when you are sailing. This Hud will display visually with a wind intensity bar and a needle the actual changes in the wind. More info on how this mod works is explained below:


How wind changes is now dependent on a probability density function of a normal distribution. This means that the mod will take a random sample from the normal distribution and that there is a 99.7% that the value will be between the mean and 3 times the standart deviation. This randomness creates the illusion of gusts of wind, very common in real life. The wind changes with the weather it is atm therefore, when it is cloudy there will be more wind that when it is clear weather.

The mean is self explanatory and the standart deviation (std) is how much can the wind deviate from the mean. You can have a look at this page and change the mean and std of each weather as you desire.


The rudder is tweaked so the more wind there is the less the maximun rotation of the rudder will be. This tweak follows a negative hiperbolic tangent and is given 4 different values:
  • A range value: This affects how much the reduction of the maximun rotation dependent on the wind is done. Vanilla rotation is 30º and with a range of e.g. 15 the max value will be 30 and the min will be 0. (± 15).
  • A wide value: This value will provide how steep is the change between the max and min  max-rotation.
  • An X coordinate: which will set the medium value of the curve to an X value.
  • A Y coordinate: which will set the medium value of the curve to a Y value.

Following this equation:

- range * tanh( ( wind - Xcoordinate ) / wide ) + Ycoordinate

These 4 values can be adjusted for each type of boat in the config file.

Wind HUD

The mod adds a wind HUD displaying the actual wind changes visually by adding a wind intensity bar and a needle. The needle will vary and stay in a color which will represent the actual wind intensity going from blue (low wind), green (decent wind), yellow (medium wind) and red (strong wind).

The HUD images can be changed by you for any image you desire. Just bare in mind that the images must have the same dimensions and names as the originals for the mod to load them.

Known Bugs

Actually there shouldnt be bugs.
There is a known issue which I am trying to resolve which is that the images saturation are not being displayed according to the images real colours and that they might look very shiny. This is just a visual effect and in the future I hope to fix.
If you find any bugs, pls post them in the Bugs section and I will have a look and try to fix them asap.


As many modders I want to give a huge thanks for the people from Valheim Modding Discord Server for their support and advice with all my doubts/problems (regarding modding ;D).
As well, as many modders thanks to these two GODs aedenthron and RandyKnaaps for having their github repositories public, which gives us, newbies on modding a good source of apprentice and examples.
Last of all, big thank you to paddy and Aaron from the discord server for their help with IL coding which is used in this mod to make everything look nice.

Thank you <3


Install BepInEx.
Extract the Zip files into your BepInEx/plugins folder. Make sure to copy the 2 dlls and the Images folder.

Future plans

[ ] Add 2 more hud items which display the actual wind in Knots and the current max-rotation of the rudder.
[ ] Add sail trimmings to modify the sailing experience.
[ ] Add progressive sails opening that modify the actual 3 speeds in-game (4 if we include backwards).