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  • Changed unix .sh scripts to be more reliable and should cause less issues on multiple different unix environments.
  • Fixed Auto Deposit lost item issues and the issue of containers not being selected in the correct order.
  • Added Grid Alignment System to allow placement of objects in a specific pre defined "grid" for the default placement mode and free rotation placement mode
  • Reduced the default unarmed damage to 70 instead of 120.
  • Your current skill level is also displayed in the experience gained notification
  • Added a option to turn off the guardian buff animation
  • Added a option to disable the placement and hammer destruction restrictions of areas with "Mystical Forces"
  • Added serverSyncHotkeys to allow clients to join servers and retain their own configuration of hotkeys
  • Added option to allow building from nearby chests
  • Added option to allow crafting from nearby chests using
    • Hammer
    • Cooking Stations (racks & alchemy)
    • All kind of workbenches
  • Added option to allow pulling fuel from nearby chests for
    • Kiln
    • Smelter
    • Furnace
    • Fire Sources
  • Removed dataRate from [Server] section since this value has been removed in the latest valheim version, we might reintroduce this value with the next version of valheim plus.
  • Added a banner from our partners on the server list, this banner can be disabled via the configuration file.


We have launched our website, take a look at
You can find a documentation, a system to vote on suggestions and more in depth details about the project in general on it.
❤️ We have also expanded our team with healiha and NCJ

Next versions onward will not be supplying BepInEx with every posted update, more on this with 0.9.7 release

Configuration file
Currently you are still required to update your configuration file manually or use either the valheim plus installer or this website as assistance.
The next patch will have a system in place to provide more quality of life for this issue, it didn't make it into this version.

In-game Console
The most recent version of valheim removed the console access by default, you will need to add "-console" as startup parameter.

Easy to setup and ready to use ValheimPlus servers can be rented here at with this release version !

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  1. Clifford1994
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    This mod just keeps getting bigger. Not a bad thing, though.

    Soon, all we're going to be needing is this one mod and nothing else ^^ Keep adding more features!

    Keep up the very good work~~
    1. atevnakin
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      The one mod to rule them all.
  2. favola
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    we need farming mod=)

    thanks for the job, is awesome