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2 minor changes for convenience

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Two minor late-game QoL changes.

To avoid spoilers I've referred to the V-room and V-ending. It's the 2nd ending, you'll know if if you've got it.

  • V-room has been simplified and can be easily cheesed. (It's a good puzzle but the setup is too complex)
  • The last gun type is now available in the Gun Shop after completing the V-ending.

The changes make things more convenient for the late game. By this point, the player has probably found ways to get money quickly and has found the last gun, with just the train levels to do. You'll probably die a lot on the train, so this mod makes restarting it after dying much faster.


Use the modded file Uurnog.uurnog to replace the vanilla file with the same name.

From Steam's "View game files" option:

Or from your steam folder:
<steam_folder>\steamapps\common\Uurnog Uurnlimited\Uurnog_Data\StreamingAssets


Please backup your save file before using this mod. I have used & test it myself but cannot guarantee the safety of your save.

Made possible by ncrecc's excellent guide: