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Hello, my name is flopkin, well, it's actually Brendan, and I make Fallout YouTube videos! I am known for making Xbox One focused Fallout 4 content, however I am now branching out to PC for a better experience.


You can find the link to my YouTube channel right below this sentence!


        My gaming and video making history goes back quite a ways now so I'll try to make this concise. I started picking up console gaming early on in life with an old Sega Genesis at about 8 or 9 years old, then transitioned to the PS2 shortly after when it came out, then moved to the GameCube, then original Xbox, etc. Eventually as the systems progressed I began to get into first person shooters and online gaming. The game that really got me into this was Halo 3 on the Xbox 360 when I was about 13. After playing Halo 3 like crazy for a few months, Call of Duty 4 came out and this branched into a whole new era of gaming for me, thus spawning "the COD era". From about 2008 to 2015, practically the only games I would play were Call of Duty titles. My brother and I eventually bought an Easy Cap (an old $30 capture system that could only record in 480p) and made Call of Duty videos after being inspired by some of the earliest gaming YouTubers like Blametruth making gameplay with commentary style Call of Duty videos. As Modern Warfare 2 rolled in, we started uploading our game footage in the style of 'quickscoping' (sniping) gameplay and montages and created our first gaming YouTube channel in early 2010.


        Shortly after starting that channel, I began to get heavily involved in the underground Call of Duty competitive sniping community in early 2010. This was back before professional gaming really took off to the capacity which we see it today. Our sniping leaderboards, matches, team building, etc., all happened through YouTube communication before it was bought out by Google. I played on a team by the name of "QR". We were 'nationally ranked' on several of the most sought after YouTube leaderboard channels ('Top50NAClans', etc., which was as good as it got back then), and peaked at number 18 in North America, however our team also attained rankings of 23rd, and 27th. During this time we would make sniping montages and edits of clan matches and post them to YouTube using our Hauppauge HD PVR's in beautiful 720p. Our channel amassed a little over 500 subscribers (which wasn't too bad for back then), keep in mind this was before FaZe existed, before streaming existed, when OpTic was sniping focused and was the most popular gaming channel (had about 30K subscribers then). My competitive sniping days ended in about 2011. I continued to play CoD, however at this point I was only making YouTube videos instead of playing competitively, although at this point FaZe really started to gain popularity, and YouTube sniping became heavily focused on 'trick shotting' instead of accuracy. I was never very good at trick shots, and I eventually stopped making videos because things just 'weren't the same anymore'. It was at this point where I stopped making gaming videos in about 2012, and ultimately stopped playing up to date video games and did not buy the next-gen console (Xbox One/PS4)... Until I found Fallout in 2015.

        Yes, I've only been playing fallout since 2015... After watching a friend of mine play Fallout 4 on the Xbox One, I instantly fell in love with the genre. However, at the time I only had an Xbox 360 because I didn't really play video games much at the time, so I Immediately went out and bought Fallout New Vegas for my Xbox 360 and played it like crazy. I couldn't believe that this was what I was missing after all of those years playing Call of Duty... The Mojave Wasteland completely changed the way I looked at video games. After spending a ton of time playing New Vegas, I went out and bought a PS4 (yes, I bought a PS4 first if you can believe it) and with it came Fallout 4. Just like New Vegas, I played Fallout 4 like an absolute madman. After realizing the potential of the new gen systems, it became increasingly frustrating to me that none of my friends had PS4, and I wanted to communicate with them while playing games, so I went out and bought an Xbox One. At this point it was about early 2016, and yes, I replayed Fallout 4 like crazy again, just on an Xbox. Then, Call of Duty Modern Warfare Remastered came out and I let my friends suck me back into playing Call of Duty. I played 'Remastered' for about a solid year, and went back to making Call of Duty sniping videos during this time. We didn't really care about the views, at this point, we were all adults and just felt like having fun, however, just for information's sake, the several videos we made (which featured high quality sniping), practically none of them amassed over 100 views... 


        As mid 2017 rolled around, I got bored and frustrated with Call of Duty again and went back to playing Fallout 4, although this time, I discovered something called mods. This discovery completely changed my gaming and video making trajectory into what it is today. I remember the first mod I downloaded was "Scorched Earth" and "Visible Galaxy 4K", I was amazed that you could actually alter the appearance and mechanics of a game like this; I instantly became hooked. I started downloading every mod I possibly could just to see what it would do. Then after a few months of toying around with mods, I started streaming to Mixer (rip) straight from my Xbox. I had created a winter survival load order, and to my surprise I started obtaining several viewers (only about 30 or so) asking me how I made Fallout 4 look like winter. It was at this point when I decided to make my first Fallout video. On December 10th, 2017, after 30 or so hours of game recording, voice over editing, video editing, and more, my first video "How to make Fallout 4 immersive FOR FREE, NO DLC REQUIRED - XBOX ONE" was born.


        I of course was expecting nothing when making this video, seeing how saturated YouTube is nowadays with the sheer amount of content I figured nobody would even find the video. I mainly made it just for fun because video editing has been a hobby of mine for years prior to this, figured I could show my friends, and be able to link the few people who were watching my Mixer stream how I made this load order to help them make their own!


        To my surprise, the video gained several hundred views over the course of the month. I remember looking at my channel one day and seeing that I had a few comments and 34 subscribers. Not sure why I specifically remember the number 34, I think I was just surprised that people were even interested in my content, or even found it for that matter. One thing led to another, and a couple years later, here we are with over 6,000 subscribers and 650,000 video views. Funny how things play out, an ex competitive Call of Duty sniper turned Fallout 4 YouTuber.


        In mid 2020, my MacBook Pro (the computer which I made all of my content from) decided to bite the dust after updating to a new operating system (should have known). Luckily, for the past couple months prior to this event I was in the process of picking parts to build a "real PC" to take my YouTube channel to the next level. So when the MacBook died, I pulled trigger on the PC parts and built my first PC, leading me here. 


Well, that was quite the run on. Here's to what's next.



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