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Welcome to my profile!


My name is Arknir, and I am the creator of the Lucikiel custom NPC mod. Lucikiel is a hidden character in the Mobile Game/Anime King's Raid, and I hope you enjoy him! He was a seventh-month project, and I taught myself how to mod with help from the SDV discord. (I have no #C knowledge, haha). 


Update 2021: I am working on a new custom NPC from King's Raid. Her name is Lavril and she comes from the same universe as Lucikiel. I am currently partnered with the author of Luma (Junimo Custom NPC) and our set of characters will be a part of Lemurkat's East Scarpe. 


Non date-able and a child, Lavril is a 2-in-one deal. They come in the form of a little girl accompanied by a stuffed rabbit (nicknamed Void).



Lavril isn't one being, but a ghost born from the young souls that died during the war with the Gotoro Empire. Ghosts (like the ones in the mines) are evil spirits filled with resentment, but the souls of children are too pure and innocent to bear any grudge. Lavril is a lonely being with a pure and kind mind, whereas her rabbit-doll counterpart, Void, is her unruly and mischievous protector. Nonetheless, she's still a ghost. A shy and timid girl who longs for friendship. Though she is fearful of others, she peacefully haunts one of the abandoned establishments in East Scarpe.


"Her nature won't change. Even though she's currently a kind and poor girl, a child is like a piece of blank paper, in which a single drop of ink can easily change its color. Without any proper guidance, she can be a threat." - Rasmodius (Vespa)


Feel free to leave a kind donation. Buy me a kofi! <3


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