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Happy August!


Good news: I'm playing Stardew Valley again.  Bad news: I'm super busy with real-life stuff! :(


Also, I still do not have the motivation to get back to Walk to the Desert or Garden Village yet.  But hopefully that will change soon.  I have a lot more ideas I want to implement...


Right now, I've been working on some more special order mods (from Demetrius).  Once I've tested them a little more, I'll upload them.


So I'll try to be more responsive to direct messages.  Discord is still the best way to contact me.


Happy modding!


Currently working on:  Demetrius special orders


Future plans (ON HOLD):

apple mod

more Walk to the Desert recolors

redo how Walk to the Desert handles the recolors

more Garden Village shopkeepers to npcs

create Garden location for Garden Village

create Ghost Saloon location (and npcs) in Walk to the Desert

create Glacier Outpost location (and npcs)  in Walk to the Desert

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