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Hello and welcome to our modpage! We are two happy sisters that have been modding games for a long time. It all started with Sims making models via MilkShape 3D and retextures. Our interest in modding games is still in our hearts even now in our 30s. We do some mods from time to time, mostly texture based mods and NPC replacers. In Skyrim we love to play as Altmer and roleplaying as a Thalmor.


We have rested from modding and is slowly starting again. Frida's health goes up and down. Some days are better than others. Right now we are working on the male skins, wich is very fun! We do not have so many recources as we did with the female skins, so we have made a lot of our own.



About console ports
I give permission for console users to port my mod(s) (or list the specific mod in these parentheses) to, under these conditions:
- Full credit is given, including credit(s) to other authors for any assets in the mod.
- A link back to the original mod page is in the description.
- No paywall or money being involved or earned in any way.
- The porter will maintain the mod independently, such as updates and bug fixes for any issues with the port, as well giving a method for Xbox users to contact the porter for support.

- Inform me about the port.
- Ask Khisartin for permission if you want to port the BnP skins.

Future plans for Skyrim
- BnP female skin for CBBE and UNP (done).
- BnP male skin update for SOS full/lite and SAM light.
- New RSV patch for the BnP skins.
- BnP nail manicure for females.
- BnP COR overhaul.
- BnP child skin update for TKAA, RS, Simple and Vanilla.
- Update BnP eyes.
- Update BnP teeth.
- Make BnP racial skins for mods such as Ancient Falmer etc.
- BnP hair textures.
- Update our NPCs/followers.
- Make new makeovers of NPCs.

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