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Hello, mate. :D
I am a Japanese Modder living in Japan.


I have been following Modding since my U7 days as a hobby and personal Investigation.


There are many people who find my use of language strange, but kind people rarely say it in public.
Kind people sometimes use NEXUSmail to give me personal opinions or messages of constructive advice.

1. the taste of the work I want to make is my first priority.
My real world job work is unstable or busy. That is the reason for my infrequent updates. Sorry.


2. my basic stance is Modding, including fan art, and I do not seek popularity like a business that is beyond the scope of a hobby.
I create one piece at a time with care. I may use something as a reference, but I will not copy or clone.
If we borrow source code from another modder, we ask the author for permission.
Many of them are friend modders, but I do not use them without permission. 3.

3. I will try to publish it and check the opinion of users who are not able to produce mods on the comment page, etc. Favorable and positive content creates a good impression in publip places.
By doing so, I tried to know what kind of users exist and whether there are cooperative people among them.
However, the number of negative bug reports to me by their personal taste has increased more than before. So we are closing the comment page now to see how it goes.

I am making mods based on the above concepts.
I am grateful to my many users, and the DP they give me is mainly used to purchase assets related to mod production, or for model data production.
I allocate it to the cost of producing model data.

Modding for me is a hobby and a way to become a Fellow with people I can relate to.

Thank you for reading to the end.

Translated with DeepL

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