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I'm a man who's loves his beautiful wife and daughter dearly and love spending time with them as much as I can, but when we all do are own thing, I love playing my favorite game Skyrim SE on my PC. I love modding my game to the fullest, and being able to live my fantasy life through this game. I would like to thank Bethesda first and foremost for making this awesome game. Then I would really love to thank all the awesome modders who make and share there awesome mods here on Nexus for people like me who want the very best gaming experience possible in Skyrim. I'm a Gamer for Skyrim SE pretty much, and a Novice at modding and taking screenshots so my screenshots that I share with people are of my current and most gameplay, and this is the way I can show my appreciation to the fantastic modders out there by showing their work in my gameplay. I also enjoy doing story telling that I attach to my images, because I love to bring my Skyrim adventures to life. So I'm sorry if some of my  screenshots bore you, but I also do have friends here on Nexus that enjoy and love them as well, and I'm still learning how to get better with my pictures too. Thank you to all of you that have recently downloaded my mods that I have put her on Nexus for SE, and the support you have showed me with the endorsements. They are very much appreciated, and that is what keeps me motivated, and wanting to do more things here on Nexus. Please all of you stay safe and in good health during this rough time we are all going through in the world. All of you be blessed!!!


Best regards and cheers! :thumbsup:



 D aka Lord Lucian aka Lord Death





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