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Just a depressed guy who does stuff sometimes. Keep your spectations low.

Discord: GolinskiRH #3107

My mods are provided as-is, I will only make patches to mods I use, and I will not make special versions for anyone.


Permissions for my stuff:

You are allowed to:

  • Modify my files, release modified versions of my mods and fix bugs on my mods, as well as post it on nexus.
  • Use Assets I made in your mods. (most assets I use are from other authors with fair-usage, so make sure to credit the propper person)
  • Make translations of my mods in any language
  • Port my mods to Legendary Edition, Xbox , PS4 or any other console/version of the game.
  • Expand upon mods I made, like making new textures or variations, as well as SPID distribution plugins.
  • convert my mods to other games
  • host my mods in other sites, as long as the download link point back to my original mod page.
  • Earn donation points if you use my assets, no problem with that.
  • Ask me to do stuff, I probably won't do it but you can always ask lol.

  • You are NOT allowed to:
  • Host my mods in sites that require payment to acess, all my mods are and should always be free.
  • disrespect me or my work in the coments. If you don't like my mod and want to leave a critic, feel free to, as long as you remain respectfull (:

    As you can see, I'm very hands off and open with this permission stuff, you should be fine as long as you follow the principles of human decency.

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