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As a lifelong PC gamer so far, mostly inspired by Doom(1993) & Stunt Island(1992), I enjoy every modable game I play and will die for defending such freedom. I joined this site in Morrowind era, but most of the time I'm just a casual background user who only downloads mods or tries to share some opinions or pics occasionally.


I am not at all a modder, I do mod my games heavily (mostly using others' assets) but I don't see myself as one, it would be a great insult to be lined with the real modders who not only share selflessly but also have enough patience to learn/study, communicate, organize/coordinate, manage/document, debug/test/troubleshoot, and perfect their creation, for years, from the ground up.


I do always love to share my part of work but you know, personally I'd rather spend most my time actually playing or improving my game, than communicate or talk to other "unknown" users(unless we're of the same mind or humour). Besides I don't feel like re-organizing my files(in a mess), managing mod pages, tracing credibility, and dealing with user issues. Thus I don't release mods at all due to my standard of morality or quality (and my laziness). If someone really wants to take the responsibility doing the job or to earn their management/oversee-through prize, go ahead, I'm all for it. Feel free to ask merely questions, just don't expect me to help with your technical or legal problems. Anyway, I don't want to be called a mod thief since nothing's really original.


Bottom line, I won't share anything questionable even in private(mail/PMs/IMs...etc.) with just certain people, I prefer to share to all if I must. If you are not helping to make things public or "legal", you won't get them. List me or fetch all the credits it needs for me first and setup 'your' own public release then I'll consider letting someone take a look into the files and discussing about the plan(yours) for releasing.


After all, enjoy the free (and honest) modding.



[ Currently Playing ]

Fallout: New Vegas -- "Mods, mods, and mods." Why quit when finding no better alternative to devote to?

Mount & Blade: Warband -- Another moddable sandbox, currently still playing the famous "Prophesy of Pendor" while waiting for Bannerlord.

Avernum EftP -- A remake. Similar to Avadon but more free and advanced. I'm working on character overhaul and its progress surpasses Avadon's so I think I'll focus on this first.

Grim Fandango Remastered -- Retro gaming ftw. Just started.

Technobabylon -- More cyberpunk. Just started.

Shadow of Tomb Raider -- End of the trilogy. Not Started yet.

[ Bread and Butter ]

Guild Wars 2 -- My only online (also PvP) gaming. To kill the time or people mindlessly.

Cities: Skylines -- The builder of choice, versatile and tons of mods. Too lazy to get into Minecraft.

Total War: Three Kingdoms -- Still waiting for better modability to reconstruct my ideal campaigns.

Total War: Rome 2 -- Sometimes when feeling like some ancient Mediterranean.

Running With Rifles -- When I need something tiny or 'relaxation'.

[ Nearly Closed ]

Okami -- Slowly and steadily enjoying this masterpiece. @Final chapter.

Broken Sword 2 -- Traditional Adventure and Puzzle games aren't out of my reach. @Final chapter.

The Last Remnant (older ver.) -- Unique JRPG TBS combat mechanics. Too much slow grinding to finish it tho...

Trine 3 -- Will finish it soon.

[ Unfinished Business ]

The Room Three -- It's great fun to play with friends(/cloud gaming) at this time. Still need to solve mysteries for alternate endings.

Divine Divinity -- A classic. Not my type of itemization though, spending too much time on your gears like post -AoS Ultima Online. Halfway I guess.

Grim Dawn -- A supposed ARPG classic. About the itemization same as above but even fancier.

Avadon 1 -- Still stuck in the first of 3, too little time for this 'simple' game comparing to others...

Transistor -- Quite engaging in many aspects for an indie but a lil flat for me. Not sure where my progress is...

Starpoint Gemini 2 -- Everyone needs at least one ACTIVE game about the stars.

[ Annual Special ]

Shadowrun: Hong Kong (UGC) -- Please, at least try the "CalFree" trilogy once, for RPG gaming and mod god's sake!!! Basically done already but I will try to play more UGC out there when I have the time.

Cyberpunk 2077 -- My possible RPGOTY. Not sure if it really suits me but I'm very excited so far. [Delayed]

[ Top Wishlist ]

Doom Eternal -- My most favorite game series of all time, can I say no? The hype is rising!

Mount & Blade II: Bannerlord -- Massive upgrades of all good things, why not? You just wait.



[ Outdated Info ]
Take a look of my ESO:Morrowind's ReShade preset page (with some screenies):

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