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Welcome to my Nexus Profile Page!

As you can see I love posting images of Skyrim, sometimes I would even post images of Fallout here and there, But Skyrim is mainly the one I enjoy the most!
Ever since I saw my very first Skyrim modding video by "MxRMods" many years back; I always wanted to mod my game to look like his. Modding Skyrim to have multiple types of dragons, hundreds of spells, making every city more lively and true to their origins. Adding more lore friendly creatures, and of course thousands of new weapons and armour/outfit mods, while having a very beautiful character. 
But I never had the money to Build my own personal gaming PC, but after many years of just watching and envying many Skyrim modding youtubers having their games look like it just came out of the future. I was finally able to scrounge up enough money to build the gaming PC that I always dreamed of.
I also have a Twitter if you'd like to check it out: @Starkhark1