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[[[NOTICE: Before messaging me with your requests and suggestions, please post them on my discord instead. I've been getting too many of these lately and it's hard for me to manage them. Other questions and concerns can be messaged to me here. Thank you.]]]


Hello. I like to make characters and character concepts.

I like to create some of these character concepts in the form of Skyrim NPCs and followers. I'm also a fan of interesting characters and like to make followers out of them as well. I also like like create houses and small towns, though I'm still honing my skills on those types of mods before I release them.


The best way to contact me is by messaging me here on the Nexus if you have any questions, comments, concerns, or permission requests. For Follower/Mod Requests and suggestions please post them on my discord.



Darkfox127 - Without his tutorials, I wouldn't be able to mod anything - | His Youtube


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