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i stand with the ukraine! I`m against any autocracy and pro democracy!


things are not just black and white. treat all humans with respect! 


For my existing mods:

please read this  first if you plan to distribute mods without asking me or any other author for a permission. please be fair and respect others!


i retired from the image posting and endorsement section. thanks for watching my images and your kind comments in the past



for my modded games i use and recommend mod organizer 1 (oblivion) and mo2 (skyrim, sse, fo4 , fnv, fo3) since 2015. mo1 was developed by tannin, the current vortex developer.

it all works flawless for me with this mod manager since then. it is well maintained and up to date for the bethesda games in my list. if you want to try mo2 the 1st time watch the gamer poets video. you can download it also on nexusmods site or on github