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Here is what happened is, I was working at this coffee shop back like 10 years ago on Mill Avenue 10B, and at the end of the night, I’d put all the pastries and s*** outside next to the dumpster, instead of throwing them in the dumpster, where the homeless kids go and you know, pick through them and s***. And I wasn’t supposed to – you were supposed to throw it in the dumpster and lock the dumpster, but I said f*** that, because they are always gone in the morning by the time the boss got home – uh, got to work. So.
Anyway, I was walking down, gonna catch the bus, and this hippie guy comes up to me. I don’t remember his name, but I’m familiar with his face. He’s like; "Thanks man for the f***ing food all the time", you know? And he was high as f***. He’s like, "You want to f***ing trip tonight man?" I was like, I was off the next day or two, so I was like sure man. He’s like, open your mouth; and stupidly I did, and he had an eye dropper and he squirted a bunch of f***ing acid in my mouth. Like, I could feel it - and you’re not supposed to.
I could feel that s*** running down the back of my throat, and I was like, "Dude, what the f***?" He’s like, “Oh, man you’re going to be high, that was like 20 or 30 hits of acid, man”, and he was right, because I used to... well, back when I sold acid, you know, I used to use an eye dropper to put the drops on individual hits and an eye dropper will hold about 20 to 30 hits.
So I knew I was in trouble. So my goal was to get back to my house as soon as possible before this s*** kicked in, because I didn’t know what to expect on that many hits. I'd never taken more than like three or four at a time, and three or four you’re pretty high.
Well, I got on the f***ing bus and it kicked in. You know, it usually takes an hour to kick in and s***. No. This kicked in – in like 20 minutes. So, I was kind of f***ed, and you know how like you’re on acid, like, you know, s*** kind of breathes? You know, the colors are brighter, you see traces and s***? Uh-uh. Not on 20 or 30 hits you don’t. You lose your f***ing mind man. Like, I was blind, I was hallucinating so hard. I was seeing just s*** like melt before my eyes. I couldn’t read, my whole frame of vision was like tch-tch-tch constantly, like shifting like that. I was like what the f*** and I missed my bus, I was high as f***.
I got off the wrong bus – uh, the wrong bus stop, and I was only like maybe a mile away from my house, right? I was still high, I couldn't even f***ing walk straight man. I ended up sitting next to the canal talking to myself, until the sun came up and I peaked for like for 5 or 6 hours, man, not like one or two hours like a couple of hits, I peaked like at least five or six hours, I lost all concept of reality and time.
It’s quite spiritual and I wasn’t really scared because I knew it’s just the drugs. So I was more worried that I couldn’t find my way home and I... it took me like eight hours, which should have taken me like 20 minutes, but I made it.
I made it.
And I was high for like two days, it kind of sucked. I started to worry after a while because I was like, am I ever gonna not be high again?
And yeah, that was my experience. I don’t recommend taking that much LSD, it’s probably unhealthy and I don’t think I’ve been right ever since.

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