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I'm Fox_Tek, But you can call me Fox!


I've been playing and modding Bethesda games for as long as I can remember.. Eventually I started making my own mods that were nothing more than small personal modifications at first. They then became bodies of work that other people were actually interested in downloading and adding to their own game.


I went by a different name on a different site outside of the Nexus a long time ago, I have since started fresh and have begun to release mods on The Nexus.

I'm currently working on a number of large-scale team-based projects across multiple games, and I release smaller scale mods in between.

The Projects I'm working on Include:



Star Wars: Origins - Total Conversion project for Fallout: New Vegas


Deadlands: City of Kavado - Alternate Oblivion Crisis story for both TES IV: Oblivion & Skyrim SE

Mass Effect: Odyssey - Total Conversion project for Fallout: New Vegas

Fallout: Western Frontier - Total Conversion project for Fallout: New Vegas

Elder Scrolls: The First Era - Total Conversion project for Skyrim SE (On hold until the release of Skyblivion)

SkyAge: Origins - 'Light Remake' of Dragon Age: Origins' main story for Skyrim SE

Redguard Special Edition - Remake of TES Adventures Redguard for Skyrim SE



Disclaimer: I work with a small personal team on all of my projects, I can not and will not provide release dates, nor will I even guarantee a release at all! I will release each project if and when I feel everything is completed to my standard, and not before.


"The Will to Create"











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