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Due to one of my private hosts shutting up shop, I am uploading my mods up here again. Ever since I lost a hard drive in a major crash, I like to keep everything online in at least two places as insurance against that happening again.


My mods are provided 'as is'. I won't be changing anything in them, nor will I be able to fix bugs. Many of them are for games I am not currently playing. Commenting is disabled to reflect this.


I'm currently playing and modding Skyrim SE after a long absence. I'm also playing Morrowind again after an even longer absence!


Requests may be considered as long as they are something I can do, something I want to do, or I like the idea of giving it a go. Bear in mind what it is I like to make mods of: for example, there's no point asking me for female versions of things. I don't play female characters and I'm not going to waste my modding time making stuff I won't use myself. Same applies for complex mods that require scripting - I couldn't script my way out of a paper bag! There are much cleverer people than me out there for that!


Also it seems I need to add: when making a request, or asking for info on a mod I made, or reporting a bug, please PLEASE don't assume I know what is on your mind! I need to know what mod, what GAME IT'S FOR!  I am not a mind-reader! If you want me to help, please give me as much info as possible:


What mod

What game

What bug/request, etc


Bear in mind also, that once I put a mod out into public domain, I will be unlikely to change anything unless it's a bug. I am not going to spend all my time making endless little changes to things that I will not want to use myself. I mod for myself first and formost - what I make public is what you get!


Ports of my mods for other games and platforms will be permitted as long as the whole thing is ported - please ask first, and let me know when the port is done.


Regarding 'COLLECTIONS': I 'm fine with my mods being included in these, but I will be unable to offer bug fixing support for any of my mods included in these. Nor will I be able to address any conflicts with other mods. It is up to the end user to make sure all updates are accounted for.


Translations are very welcome - let me know if anything is translated so I can add the appropriate links also.


My mods will always be free. I will never ask for payment for them. I also will not allow any assets to be used in mods that money is charged for.


I like to share what I've made. Enjoy them with my blessings. :smile:


Or just leave me be!


Trolls will be ignored and simply reported... after I've finished laughing at them! :D


Because I have been asked quite a few times about them, my stories are now posted up on in their entirity. Please check back regularly for updates.