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Hello my fellow mod makers and mod users. My name is OptimisticPillow, I have been making mods on and off since around 2014 here for the Skyrim Nexus. You may recognize my style or even my latest work Falamyrr Isle which was removed along with my account on September 28th of 2018. I previously went by the user TheModWyzerd here on the nexus, please let me explain.


Well where to start. I had many reasons for removing my mods and my account in September, one of them being some low self esteem issues which I am currently working on improving that aspect of myself. There were many other factors at play here that lead to me terminating my account. Firstly I tried my best to keep in contact with my mod users, but many things were constantly affecting me throughout the history of my account and I did not do a good job of that. Sometimes I would be gone for long periods of time (which I wont go into detail about) and did not tell anyone when I was coming back, which left any fans of mine waiting and waiting on updates. Secondly I have nothing personal against Nexus mods, but it feels like it has lost some of it's community magic over the years or perhaps it is just the Skyrim section because the game is getting old now.


When I had my TheModWyzerd account I noticed on most of my mod pages that the download and endorse to mod view ratios were not up to my expectations and in turn that did not help me with my self esteem as a content creator who spent so much time on each piece of work I did, it really started to become demotivating especially with all the mods I was managing. I do not get depressed over it, it can just be disheartening at times. I am still thankful for anyone who took the time to try my work and endorse it, please don't confuse this with being ungrateful by any means.


Long story short I just wanted a new start to the community so I don't mind any Nexus users that recognize me on this account, so long as they have read what I have to say and can understand where I am coming from. I have made peace with anything that was previously bothering me as a game content creator, as well as anyone who did me wrong in the past on here; I'm over it and they are forgiven. I wont promise you that I will be here for updates on my work consistently, but I will definitely try to communicate with you better on what is going on and if there will be mod delays etc.


Thank you for taking the time to read if you managed to get this far.

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