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ATM working on new versions of mods:

  • Awesome Blossom - Ardent Blossom Retextures and mesh edits
  • Dalish Armors and Outerwear retextures
  • Fantasy Mounts
  • Freckled Solas
  • Lush Lashes
  • Quiver Deliver
  • Sho's Insane Eyes
  • Shomplexions
  • Stone Bear Armor and other Avvar gear retextures
  • The Horns of Plenty  FINISHED
  • Warpaints

This is a pretty huge project to rework and polish all my old mods plus finish some of my old WIPs. Please be patient. I hope it will be worth it.

Here is my WIP masterpost on tumblr if you want to take a lookie at my work in progress.


You can also support Me on Ko-fi to speed up my work process <3