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Hello Fellow Members of our Amazing Modding Community!!!

Please know that I endorse every mod that worked in my game whether I kept in game it or not.  I think this is only fair because I know that y'all spend a lot of time and effort to create these mods.  However, for those special mods that impress the hell out of me you will see some special verbiage in my posts...


5 smiley seal of 100% approval!!!!! 

I endorse and highly recommend this mod!!! 


When you see the 5 smileys you should know that your mod met and likely far exceeded my expectations, caused zero (or negligible) conflicts with my many other mods and brought additional fun and joy to my game that was not there before.  I also share screenshots when applicable.  Just know that when I post 5 smileys in a comment then I love your mod and greatly appreciate your work.


I am currently attempting to reach back behind many of the SSE conversions to credit the original authors as well as the hard working mod conversion facilitators.  I have tried well over 650 mods now since first joining Nexus in July of 2018.  I have over 200 mods running at any given time.  I am always trying new mods.  


Finally, to all of you who actively participate in the community by creating, converting, testing and loving mods I say a hearty, sincere thanks!


Adventure on friends!  


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