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Hah!  Fell for it!  They always do.  Except when they don't.  Then they start screaming.







This used to be a lot longer-winded, but far out of date now.

Health concerns changed a lot of aspects of my life.  I've had to shelve projects temporarily, retire from my roles in various projects, and take more time looking after myself.  Something something don't need to be dead.

Nutshell: I have mods in development, some longer-term than others.  I survive on investments, and volunteer work on the side.  Carer, ordained minister, political annoyance.  Hard headed, arrogant, have troubles delegating.  Check my signature for my current modding list.


If I say something that insults you, seems politically inappropriate, or otherwise offends your senses?  Ignore it.  I'll return the favor if you feel so offended/etc that you must desperately make a response.

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