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I'm Sev, or Severage, or...Sevsomethingelse when my name is taken. I have been using this name since over a

decade ago (I was 12) when I first got into PC Gaming on my ruddy old laptop.

Since then, I've played dozens of MMOs, single player RPGs, most the big titles and plenty of anime-style
games. The only thing I haven't spent hours and hours doing is buying and playing Indie games.

I'm Male, nearly 25, and an autodidactic singer of many years. I used the magic of Google to find out

what I was supposed to be doing, along with the guidance of a close British friend who was professionally trained,

to teach myself singing. Voice acting is something I've always loved to do (Character impressions, especially),

and came naturally with being a vocalist.

Once in a while I'll drop a quick cover or something Soundcloud, while most my VA work, including my

Demo Reel, is on my YouTube Channel. Content from me is sparse, yes, due to the fact that if I'm taking time out of my day to's probably for a project that I don't just upload myself. Working full time does that to a guy. 
But you'll also hear my voice across some Skyrim mods and other projects once in a while!

A few things you may know me from! (Keep in mind many of these projects are WIP or have yet to be updated with the more recent characters I voiced)  -

Yorgrim's Refuge by IAmTheRedd
The Last Refuge from Roadhouse699
ETaC Beta (SSE) from MissJennaBee
Reath1's "The Second Great War"
Dragon Age Origins Followers, created by Anduniel
Beyond Reach, authored by razorkid

Shezzarine from anbeegod, as well as his upcoming mod Death Consumes All.
Shumer and the Fall of Allagard by agerweb
Asya'la the Nordic Khajiit, created by Pierre Despereaux.
Fallout: The Frontier, authored by..many!



As well as some more roles in the works, hopefully.



I'm also a part of TSVA's (The Skyrim Voice Alliance) administration, fronting as much of the Voice Acting and Mod Authoring departments as I'm able. After being asked by the Server Owner, ActionFighter, to join up, I, under his direction, initiated a new revival of the server for developing new talent.

I specialize in getting folks started out, set up with bang-for-buck equipment that will last, correctly setting up a recording space, and, of course, the acting/modding itself.


Feel free to ask me anything, or join the TSVA Discord server if you're interested in learning more.



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