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In real life I dont have a life  :wink:


So Im over 8000hrs now in FO4.


I started play it in Feb 2016 and never cheated in a game.

Dident know about modding, the few times I heard about it I just thought about it as cheating  ^^

The first few hundred hrs I played vanilla and got completely nuts with the building stuff.


After some time I start thinking, why isnt there more to this ?

The game it self was kinda boring, dont get me wrong, I love open space/free roaming first person shooter games.

So I started thinking and reminded me I have seen Nwxus over the yrs but never bother about it.

Not even alter playing Skyrim 5 times or so.

And did I get surprised   :smile:


Today Im running about 250-300 mods all together and cheating the crap out of it.

There is no way I ever gonna play vanilla again  :D


Im checking Nexus forums often and try to help when I can.


 So have fun and be nice.


C ya around





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