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My name is Cristina and I started modding because I wanted to modify Sebastian's dialogue lines. After so many years married, it was starting to feel kind of boring, hahahah. Anyhow, after my first 'mod', I started a new save and saw Penny's 8 hearts event where Vincent said he saw her with Sam. I thought they'd be a really cute couple, so I started writing a Rival Hearts Events mod, Life Cycle


After that, I've released a couple more mods, mainly focusing on making the Valley more lively.

Please Remember My Birthday and Please Remember My Marriage tries to make the game more immersive, adding some daily life things that are missing from the game. The first one adds schedules for the NPCs on their birthdays, and the second one adds dialogue lines that reference your marriage.

I also made Events Expansion. This mod adds multiple events for different NPCs. My goal is to add interactions between villagers that aren't usually seen together, or just add some daily life situations to make the game more immersive.


Right now I've got ideas for more dialogue mods, but I'm also experimenting with pixel art. I've created Customizable Children, which lets you customize your kids and adds a lot of diversity to the game. It also has another version for Alternative Textures.


If you enjoy playing with my mods, please consider buying me a coffee :)