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Hi!  I am a fracken old video game player.  A veteran gamer.  Going back as far as a computer game when a computer was a big as an Airport ticket area and lobby.  Dad said there was a smaller model they were able to play a game on.  Only one game : tic tac toe.  My first experience was when he made a game using machine language.  It looked like wire mess before he added skin and colors to it.


When I was 50 years old I managed to study a few handbooks written by modders about how to mod.  Before TESNexus before it became Nexusmods, I drudged through many other websites.  One of my favorite websites for instructions on how to mod Morrowind was Grumpy and Emma's.  Where others mod website owners among them were hanging around at CanadianIce and Howndogs website's Forum (warning: Emma's website and Canadian Ice & Howndog's MORROWIND mods website's do not have a secure link; HTML ONLY.), they were around before secure, htmls, were necessary and way before Nexusmods had it's new forums.


I learned so much more from Morrowind mod wiki and the Fallout 3 mod wiki too; just to learn how to mod.


If you're looking at my about me page I might know what your favorite game is.  :geek: well one of them I would guess.  And I would have a fifty, fifty chance at guessing correctly.  :yes:



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