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I am about ready to dive into my bed and relieve myself of my exhaustion.  Before STEAM, BEFORE ORIGINS, before EA, before GOG, before VORTEX; I wanted a connection for all the games.
As a child I got so I enjoyed roaming.
As a 71 year old man I have acquired a habit of playing video games.
In a video game I play a quest or two in one game then switch from one to another.  I am never bored while waiting for my day on the lab table.  The Slab in the mortuary.
While I was playing video games I acquired an interest in the television series, Doctor Who.  His traveling machine made it possible for him to go from one historical moment to another.  In the television show it was his presence at certain times of history that saved the world our planet Earth from changes in time.  He travels in time today in my mind!  In the annals of history he will always be a hero forgetten by most.  Remembered by the people he was in close contact with while saving them from Daleks, Cybermen, and helping some races coexist while he aided them.
I wanted a Desktop picture of the time and space traveling ship.  Called a "T. A. R. D. I. S."  His/hers, was blue Police Box.  I wanted mine on the computers desktop so that I could click on the door, go in, and send the T. A. R. D. I. S. to another game at it's last save.  Save a place on the last game and play in the next game as though I travel to another time in history there for awhile and play the quests in that other video game.
It was fun fantasizing that I traveled through time from one game to another to get to them.
Why not make the T. A. R. D. I. S. the vehicle to connect all the video games I had at the time from the same game producer?  Bethesda Softworks, Inc..  
They all had a different timeline in history.
I wonderd if all those brilliant people that made the Doctor Who TV show were so what got me so invigorated to Craft? (mod making is what crafting is called in the 20th Century)  It has rolled over into the 21st Century too.
I had so many ideas since I realized I could make game mods for the video games!
The idea for the T. A. R. D. I. S. came while I played Morrowind and then Oblvion was released by the same company.  Then the Skyrim video game.  All three games sparking my imagination and getting me in the mood to craft (mod).
I was also inspired to want to craft a castle tower.  Not a little one at first.  A full scale castle tower.  Then I began to think smaller and just wanted to put the smaller versions on each corner of my property as fence corners; rather then huge chamber towers. 
Of course, then, Doctor Who added exercise to the show with the tenth Doctor shouting his favored line (David Tennant) and everyone did when he shouted it.  RUN!
When it was Morrowind and mods for the game I found more reasons to play than to mod.  Thats was when I downloaded a lot of mods from websites all focused on modding for Morrowind.  I would imagine a modification for Morrowind to improve it.  Only back when Morrowind was new I would then surf the Internet first to see if anyone else had the similar idea first.  I  have lots of mods for Morrowind that were just a little different so I didn't use my time to mod, I used it to play.
I was 50 years old I downloaded a video game clip that eventually I found in a mod for Suran, just a few mile from Vivec and Seyda Neen that both were in the final cut of the video game.  They released the game in 2002.  I got a demo along with a ATI video card I purchased so I got a good look at it before the released date in May of 2002.  
That short video clip took me 40 hours to download using a 56 KB internal modem.  When I finally got it all I found it was of an underground tunnel which led to the guard house by the Stilt rider stand in Suran.  In which the Sword of Woe was under the foot of the bunk bed for the guards.
Doctor Who was already around and I got to see it because of a cable satellite company I purchased the service from which had the BBC television station in the list of tv stations.  Being a fan, when Tom Baker was the Doctor added excitement to my life.  Then Bethesda brought out Oblivion.  I liked playing Morrowind so much I had a touch and go time switching from Morrowind to Oblivion so I could play them.
That's when the idea for a Desktop T. A. R. D. I. S. intrigued me so much I began studying how to use the modding tools to make a house for Morrowind.  I was hoping I would find a way to build a mod to make it so I could hop from the two games without shutting down one game by the usual manner.
When Morrowind was on my machine this person's mods gave me more reasons to play Morrowind. More so because I wanted to blend historical moments in so they were memorable. 
Guess what?  The Pumaman mods did?!
Here the big one; his mod link : > <





Yeah! I am old?

How am I old?

Question:  How are you old?

Not; How old are you;  How are you old?




As the planet Earth turns.  Another day appears to have arrived.  The Sun appears to have arisen.

If I remember correctly we all had been little children and once we got on our feet we went crazy with delight.  We got around as fast and furious as we could to discover everything and anything from our new stance and point of view. 

Seems to me; the day we came to the conclusion we are crazy is the day we became sane. ROFLOL ;- )


I think I am alive?!   This is my Star ship.  <,^,> 


This is an owl flying upside down.    O^O 



No T. A. R. D. I. S. for all my video games yet.  I choose not to suffer from not being able to mod the time game traveling machine myself.  It was driving me insane.  And yet, here I am enjoying every gaming minute while I live and use.


FWV for Fallout Who Vegas  I may even get so bold as to add Tales of Two Wastelands so I can play Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas and then I can, Time Travel between the two historical events.


I am SAVED!  And I can Breath like I used to too!  Fideli Certa Merces

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