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Decided to take the advice of Shirley Curry (Grandma Gamer) and not use an avatar, yep ... another senior gamer.


I'm a  senior gamer who likes to get lost/immersed in my game(s), 32"monitor helps.  It beats the hell outta being a couch potato watching TV.


Moved from a big city to a podunk town in east TX getting ready to fully retire.  Absolutely no intelligent culture here so I get lost in my games.


I'd like to collaborate with some other senior gamers to help each other with this modding thing (I'm still really nooby at it and could use some really patient guidance).  I'm enjoying learning to mod my game as much as playing it.


Also, I'd like to encourage everyone to give-back to your favorite authors / modders.  These guys put in hours doing this stuff for little to no reward.  If you enjoy their work ... support them by donating to them, I'm sure every little bit helps these talented people.  Pay Pal ... it's simple and safe.


Thanks to all you talented guys and gals for the hundreds of hours of semi-retirement entertainment.

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