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A little pixel artist with a love for animals and being cooped up in my room almost 24/7.


※ A lot (if not all) of my mods are made for personal use, but I decided to share them with anyone who may want them here in this site. I only know the basics of SV modding, so I still have a lot to learn along the way.


※ My mods are only available in ModDrop and NexusMods. However, I do allow my mods/assets to be reuploaded, but these accounts on both of the aforementioned sites shall still be considered as the official source of my mods.


※ I do not require any permission if you want to use any of my mods' assets (both for personal use and public use) as long as you do not hide them under a paywall and do not convert them for other games.


※ Feel free to comment/message me if you have any requests or inquiry about commissions. If you wish to support me, you can do so here: buy me a ko-fi However, my mods will always stay free for the public! If you have any inquiries about commission rates and rules, please check it out on my ko-fi page :)


※ If I ever stop playing the games that my mods were made for, I may or may not continue to update them. If I stop updating, then feel free to update them if you'd like! <3

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