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Skyrim mods I used to create Echo (she probably will never be released) : 
Hair: I use basically every hair mod
Skin: Realore or Bijin, but I prefer realore
Eyes: I use eyes of beauty 99% of the time
Body: I use my own presets on both CBBE and BHUNP BUT I used these to start them
CBBE: (for not being very realistic i used this to build my CBBE bodyslide as a base.)
BHUNP: (anything by this user is a good base. I've checked out all of his bodyslides.) 
Just basically take them and add a s*** load of muscle. 
Eyebrows: I use Kalilies Brows
Base Sculpter: I use RaceMenu
Overlays: For the freckles I use frecklemaina and skin feature overlays for any other freckles.