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Hello! I'm Jay. I'm a big fan of everything involving immersion, realism and bringing more life into your characters. Check out my mods if you're into that sort of thing! 


I don't have any sort of background in game development, technology or coding, so it was quite the challenge to get started making mods, but I managed to do it... and now I'm glad I get to share them with you!


Want more? You can find me on...


  • Twitch: Come and say hello! I'm usually streaming modded Skyrim. You might end up installing a couple of new mods you had never heard of! 
  • Patreon: If you're enjoying my mods, please consider supporting me so I can continue making more of them. If you don't have the means for this, don't worry. None of my mods are paywalled (Not even early access versions). 





Interested in an easy-to-install mod collection with most of my mods and 900 others? Check out...


🗺️ A Dynamic World - 🧙 Roleplaying - 🏹 Immersion - 🎈 Performance Friendly - 🖱️ 1-Click Installation




Porting Permissions: I hereby grant permission to anyone to port or merge my mods for Xbox (to be published on I have no time for porting the mods myself and I don't have an Xbox, so go for it. If you are a porter and need help/guidance, send me a message. If you are Bethesda reading this, please send me a Skyrim mug or something.

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