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I have been getting questions about where the "Old West Gun Pack" has gone. I had

uploaded that mod somewhere around october 2020. It was a compilation of about

thirty old western guns as found on the Nexus from other authors. The pack was well

received. I had contacted all authors and most of them were very kind and gave me

permission for use of the assets.


But a few authors seemed to have vanished from Nexus and they did not reply. It

doesn't make sense to me that some authors demand that you ask for permission

while they cannot be contacted anymore.


So I decided to upload after waitng two months for replies.


Then I got messages from some of the authors that already gave me permission.

Messages in which they warned me about this guy:

It seems that this guy never made a mod. However he seems to like to police other mod

authors while it is none of his business what mod authors do. Instead of contacting me

directly, he sneakily contacted other mod authors behind my back, thus not giving me a

chance to tailor the mod. Consequently the mod was taken down by Nexus.


Later, I have tried to contact this guy to find out which mod author complained so I could

tailor the mod (remove some assets, or make the mod dependent on some original mod).

But this guy avoided the question and only gave me some vague statement about "Nexus

does not host mod packs", which is nonsense. A search for "pack" in all games renders

5201 pages.


Note that this is not defamation. I'm simply stating what happened.


So I am left with no way to fix this situation. But I still have the gun pack on my harddrive.




I started playing FO3 somewhere in 2018 and quickly discovered that I needed to add

mods because the game was unplayable without mods. After a while I started to make

some FO3 and FNV mods for myself, mostly to enhance atmosphere, or just for fun. It's

only ESP stuff, I don't do modeling or texturing.


I still have two FNV projects in the pipeline but don't know when, if ever, I will release them.

These will be my last mods because I'm fed up with modding:


- Female Clothing Pack (Compilation of other clothing mods). Only needs to be culled yet.

  Permissions need to be secured.


- Female Race Replacer (Randomized body replacer). This is completed, including patches

  for some spawn mods. Need to ask permissions yet.


Mods that I made, but later deleted are:


- Dynamic Crosshair NV Patch. This is now available on the DCNV main page.

- Dynamic Crosshair Patch for FO3.

- Wasteland Animal Behavior Patch for FO3.

- Poisonous Ammo NV (Never used it, and anyway the NV inventory is cluttered enough).

- Clint Eastwood's Ensemble with Hat and Spurs for FO3.

- Plague Doctor Companion for FO3.


I don't have the above files anymore.


It seems players have abandoned FO3 (I know I have) so I will probably delete my other

FO3 mods as well.