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Hello! I'm Shardust (or LadyShardust on most other places), I'm Italian, I am old enough to have know life pre-internet, and I like games, animations, and art.

On NexusMods I focus on content packs for Stardew Valley mods, ranging from recolors, hairstyles, and furniture, slowly learning how to draw in pixel art, and hopefully improving little by little.

If any future update by either the frameworks I make the packs for or the game itself badly breaks my mods (like it happened that one time with the beds), I usually write a post in the affected mod comments, and edit the description and the title announcing a future update to fix the bugs as soon as I notice or have been made aware of them.

I plan to keep making mods, or at least update them, for as long as I'm able, and if needed I will announce a hiatus or the likes on this page.
Please do not assume I have abandoned my mods unless I literally disappear from the internet for 3+ months without even responding to comments or DMs or Discord.
If that happen (and only then), you have permission to update my mods, but only in case a framework update (Content Patcher, Fashion Sense, Alternative Textures, etc) breaks them, otherwise please leave them as is.

If you like my mods and would like to leave a tip to fulfill my Pizza cravings (I am Italian after all) I have a Ko-Fi here, but be reassured that all my mods will forever be free and available as long as NexusMods (and any other sites I may upload them to) exist.