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Hey everyone!


Welcome to my humble little profile. I'm not new to modding itself, but I am new to making mods and art for my favorite games. Looking forward to meeting new people and checking out all the awesome projects on this site! Don't hesitate to friend me or send me messages if you want to, I'm always friendly and up for a chat. 




What is your favorite game?: 

I love pretty much all games and genres, but my favs would have to be Skyrim, Fallout, Dragon Age, Mass Effect, Dark Souls, Monster Hunter, Terraria, and Minecraft.


What platforms do you play on?:

I play on PS4, PC, 3DS, and hopefully soon on the Switch.


Is your AV original artwork?:

No, I don't make my own AV's, and probz never will cause I'm constantly changing them anyways...


Do you make mods?:

Private mods, yes, any I plan to release, no. I mostly just make house mods with in-game resources, so they're nothing special anyways.


Do you make artwork?:

Occasionally, yes, though I'm very much an amateur... I also pretty much only work with screenshots and sense my computer is slightly less powerful than a freshly peeled potatoe, it might be a while before I start making more art again.


Do you have a YouTube/Twitch channel?:

I do have a YT, but no Twitch channel. I upload a lot of Monster Hunter World on PS4 to my YT, but nothing I take too seriously. I just like making videos.


Where are you from?:

The USA, though I spend so much time being captivated by Japan and The United Kingdom, you may as well consider me half-Japanese/UK...


What is your real name?:

Seriously?... Oh, uh... well, Cally... It's in my username... 








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