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For any who are interested, this about all I'm willing to share here anymore...  :sad:
Lierin and I are working on a simple website to access our works. 
Please be aware that it is still very much a WIP and download links will be enabled as each mod is reworked and made available. (that could take some time as we need to adjust for assets that forbid use outside of Nexus)
  Pur wo trevana  (A quieter space)  https://discord.gg/U873Rxh
  Tales From Tamriel  (A busy space)  https://discord.gg/V4SGWZ3

It is done. After nearly 10 years of hard work, my mods are gone and I am no longer an author here on Nesux.


I will keep working with Lierin and supporting her and her mods, regardless of what she decides to do.


For those who enjoy my mods and have shared with me, you have my heartfelt thanks, love and respect. I started sharing here because I thought a few may enjoy my ideas. After getting to know so many of you and receiving such great feedback and support, this has become a joy that I find hard to be without.


I am currently looking at other options for hosting my mods and am truly sorry for all who are hurt by the current events.


I'll make sure to add links here that point to where I end up.


Thank you all for your support over the years.




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