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I'm an autodidact modder of Morrowind. I'm mostly interested in the roleplaying aspect of the game, therefore I chiefly release new quest mods or tweaks of vanilla quests. (New choices and visible consequences) I'm certain that you would find something suitable for a character with any personality or any faction affiliation.


Besides modding I have also written a fan fiction set in Morrowind:


I have also participated in the creation of some mods made by others that are not listed among my mods:


3E 427 - A Space Odyssey by OperatorJack:


After the Blight by Team Purist Pariahs:


Heart of the Velothi - Gnisis by Heart of the Velothi Team:


Hircine's Quest by Danae:


Resplendent Rethan - Jewel of the Odai by Team Azturnal:

Spymaster of Vvardenfell by Mick083 (uses assets from one of my mods):


The Levitation Act by OperatorJack:


I also have an Elder Scrolls-themed website which serves as a mirror for my mods, and has some other content as well (such as roleplay ideas, blog posts):

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